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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by got14u, Jul 4, 2009.

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    OK I just got a enterprise stuffer from my grandpa. He says it's over 60 years old. He had all the parts for it including the fruit/lard press with plates and pressure disc. My question for you guys is what size is it when it says 31 on the side. all of the other writing is off of it except for the label on the side which doesn't give a size. I figure someone here will know. Can't wait to use this thing !!!![​IMG]
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    Looks like your Grandpa gave you a keepsake. My buddy has one he got from his dad and uses it all the time. They have two sizes that I know of the link you got above will tell you alot. good luck with it, let us see some sausage soon.
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    Looks to be a 6 quart, which is the middle one. Actually, I have seen 4 different ones. 8, 6, 4 and a rare 2 quart.

    Cleaned up, it should work fine. I picked up my parents old 8 quart, which needed some cleaning up of rust, etc. In doing that, I started wondering what the black "paint" was. I asked, but didn't find much help, but kept checking and eventually ran across an old Enterprise ad that suggested it was "japaning", which was a type of paint/finish tool makers used to put on cast and steel tools back when. Some real voodoo went into making that stuff.

    Probably not harmful, but you don't need to worry about it. For a 6 quart, you have a perfect size to put your meat into a 2 gallon ziplock freezer bag, then snip off a corner of the bag and pull that out through the spout, put your stuff tube over it and go. Do this right and you have virtually NO cleanup. Sausage won't ever touch the stuffer. And you have NO cleanup.
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    thanks is a 6er.

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