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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jerseyboy58, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. jerseyboy58

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    Ok smokers here's the deal. just bought a smoker and tomorrow using it for the first time to smoke pork and beef ribs, and chicken thighs and wings, brisket. here's the problem I just found out my father-in-law is coming and he's been smoking his entire life. so for the sake of not screwing up, I need some tips on cooking and rubs (sweet with heat) for all meats. please my fellow smokers help a rookie out. and yes this is my first time smoking.
  2. bearcarver

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    This (Below) might help you some. No rub or sauce recipes, but it can give you an idea of smoker temps, smoking times, and pulling temps.

    There's at least one of nearly all meats:

    Just click on "Bear's Step by Steps".

    Then click on any of the choices.

  3. alblancher

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    What did you buy?  Why not ask your FIL for help.  They love showing the kids what they know!! Makes them look good in front of the ladies.
  4. hambone1950

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    Al is 100% right. He will be thrilled to be asked for advice. That sounds like a really ambitious menu too. Sometimes you're better off to concentrate on doing 1 or 2 things well.....especially since you're new at it. Maybe save the brisket til you get your feet under you.
  5. jp61

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    Don't know what kind of smoker or game plan you have but, being that this is your very first smoke you may be asking for headache(s) trying to smoke all items listed at the same time or even the same day. I'd say you're better off smoking some ribs first time out and learning your smoker. Just my opinion....doesn't make it right. Either way, good luck!
  6. seenred

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    Without knowing anything about your smoker setup, I'd have to agree with the others that it sounds like you may be trying to do too much on your first try.  I've always found that with a new pit, I like to do something small and simple (and cheap) for the first smoke or two...just to get a feel for the pit.  Temperature control, air flow, fuel usage/economy, hot spots, smoke production...there are lots of variables that are different on just about every kind of smoker, and they can ALL affect your cook.  My advice would be to focus on trying to do one kind of meat for your maiden smoke.  And since you've never cooked on this pit before (or any pit, for that matter), it would be wise to have a 'Plan B'...a backup menu...just in case the worst happens and the meat from your first cook is inedible.  (not trying be overly negative, but it happens sometimes).

    I also agree that it might be a good thing to involve you FIL in this cook...taking advantage of his experience on this will definitely help improve the chances of a successful first run.

    Good luck!  Hope it turns out sure to let us know.

  7. You can use the search engine on the site here to find anything also.   Many rub recipes are within the pages of this forum, that is where that search engine helps a lot.  I have to agree with the others here, for a first time smoke, I think you have gone way overboard.  Do you have any idea of when your going to start smoking things, like the times needed or a digital thermometer to monitor each and every thing in the smoker.  Have you seasoned it yet?  That needs to be done before you smoke anything in that new smoker.

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