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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by fatmcrat, May 29, 2010.

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    ok i haven't posted in a while but i need some help asap

    I bought a off set Char-Griller off set smoker yesterday and I put 2 boston butts on about 7 1/2 hours ago.  They slowly warmed up and are at 138 right now.  My internal temp of the smoke area is 150 and has been there all day.  The firebox however has a internal temp of 275.  How come the heat isn't making it into the smoke area.  this is my first experience with this kind of smoker.  Maybe I'm now working the smoke stack on the smoke area and vent on the firebox.  do they need to be open or close.  the stack has been closed because I thought it would loose heat, and the vent for the firebox has been open.  please give me some feed back.

    That's the smoker I got
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    congrats on the new smoker and I hope we will soon be seeing some good smokes coming off of that thing soon enough 
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    Just to make sure I understand, the temp where the butt, on grate level, is 150*, correct? If so, it needs to be around 225-250, and likely MUCH hotter right in the firebox. 

    Most recommend opening the exhaust or stack, all the way, and controlling temps with the damper located on the SFB. 

    If you are using wood chunks/chips for smoke, they likely aren't burning to give off any smoke at 150*. 

    I hope this helps..
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    Ok well i figured out what I was doing wrong, got the problem fixed and am smoking 2 more butt's tonight  They been on for about 6 hours and I'm hovering at about 160 internal meat temp right now.  I'll get some pictures of the 2 butt's I'm smoking tonight when they are done.  Just thought I'd put up a couple pics for your viewing pleasure

    This is what I'm working with now, and after owning it for 2 days I'm loving it. 


    Another view of it


    My charcoal chimney going in full force!


    Firebox loaded with fuel!


    This is the firebox with the flash on my camera.  I tired something new.  I made a open top pouch and loaded it up with applewood chips.  I couldn't take a pic cauz it is dark, but the smoke looks good, and the aroma is great.  Too bad computers can't transfer smells cauz its awesome!


    This is what I was working with  (great for when I was a beginner, but I wanted something better)

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    I'm actually glad you posted this, I have the same smoker and can't seem to get it hot enough for a long enough time either. It looks like I had my fire on the small side. I have never loaded the fire box like you have in your pics. Thanks for posting them, I am smoking a brisket next weekend and can't wait to tinker with it! Thanks!
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    This is a link to some great info on your smoker.

    I have the same one and have done the swap so it has 4 tires - much easier to move around. Also the smoke stack has been extended down to the grate level. Buddy has a Car-X (auto repair shop) and he tacked muffler pipe to the stack for me.

    Also I use the semi round charcoal tray and turn it upside down and up tight to the firebox opening. Really helps the cooking chamber temps more consistant all the way across. Without it the fire box side was  alot hotter than the stack end.

    I also installed the water tight cable connector and it is great for putting the temp probe through so they are not shut in the lid.

    I place a temp probe through a potatoe or block of wood and place it on the grate for temp reading. The thermo that comes on the smoker is not very accurate.
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    fatmcrat- it looks like that you have build your fire on the cooking grates of your firebox instead of on the fire grate in the bottom. With the fire in the bottom of the firebox, the heat will rise up and into the food chamber. I would suggest removing the cooking grates and building a basket out of expanded metal.  The advantage of using a basket is that it will give you longer smokes without having to replenish you charcoal as often.
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