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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by steveo, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. hi. i just purchased a chargriiler TRIO a month ago and ive been having a blast trying it out. i havnt had any disasters yet but every week it just gets better n better. as we speak i have some babybacks smokin.
    when i bought it i didnt know JACK about what i was doin. i did alot of research on this forum as a guest and other forums to learn the basics.
    i did the smoker mod last week with the lowes basket. i also flipped the ash tray and did the foil trick at the ends for a baffel.
    sofar so good. i am still curious what the smoke stack mod is tho. what purpose does it serve??
    be prepared for a lot more noob questions in the future.[​IMG]
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    Welcome to SMF. Glad to have you here. If you havent already done so sign up for the 5 day e course
  3. Welcome to the forum Steve from northern California, glad you found us. Only one thing better than smoking a great feed, is the eating of it. As we speak I have another butt in smoker and getting ready to add some ABT's for some snacking.

    Enjoy your journey into the TBS
    aka Rocky
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    First welcome to SMF. Like rocky I'm smoking also but I have a four bone prime rib. You have differantly found the right place for smoking meat all the guys and girls here love to share all they know. So stick around and learn.
    P.S. You mite want to get a second job, you'll need the $$$ for all the racipes you'll want to try.
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    Amen to that - Well said mballi! (Not sure but you might pick up a third as well)

    Welcome to the Forum as I'm sure you'll find some great info as well as great folks here!

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