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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by spring chicken, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Hello Smokers.  My name is Leroy.  I'm new here.  I heard about the site on where I go by the handle, Spring Chicken.  I tried to register as Spring Chicken but got an error message saying there is already a Spring Chicken registered on this forum.  I'll try not to get confused.

    After reading Mr. T's post and answers to cheese smoking questions that I too would probably ask, I decided to become a member.  I'm anxious to re-start my cheese smoking efforts armed with a lot more information.

    I've been an Egghead since 1999.  My wife and I now have five Big Green Eggs and have given away others to relatives who now share our enthusiasm for the Egg.

    We're both retired and attend five or six Eggfests around the country each year having a great time sharing what we cook on the Egg with complete strangers.  Many of those strangers later purchased Big Green Eggs and also attend Eggfests sharing their newly found love for the Egg.

    There's a lot more to the story but for now, I'm just trying to learn how to smoke cheese.  I think I'm on the right path.
  2. joe black

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    Welcome from SC, Leroy. I don't know anything about smoking cheese, so I can't help at all. But, I'm sure you will enjoy this site and I'm also sure that there will be some folks along soon who will be able to help a bunch. All you have to do is ask.

    Good luck and keep on smoking, Joe.
  3. smokin monkey

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    Hi Welcome to the forum from the UK.

    I have recently purchased a Green Egg, so will be following you with intrest to see how you do things.

    Smokin Monkey �
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