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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nr140e, Jun 21, 2015.

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    Hey guys well I finally made my decision on a smoker and I bought a Masterbuilt Xtra wide smoker, I did do the seasoning already so all the paint and stuff inside burned out , I really didn't like the whole wood chip pan since the flame hits it and the wood burns up fast and increases the temperature, so what i did i put a skillet on top of it and filled it out with wood. My main question is how much wood should i put on a skillet since i put like 6- 6 hand full of chips and when i put it on a smoker it was generating to much smoke also I'm scared that i might put to much and mess up the food or what would be the best measurement of wood in the skillet.  Honestly i got kinda scared when i saw to much smoke specially i live in a apartment complex even though all my neighbors are really cool lol.  and another thing is there a mod out there so all the smoke wont go everywhere and i really don't want to stink my neighbors house lol


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    You will need to experiment to find out how much to use and for how long depending on how you want the food to taste.  Some people like a lot of smoke, some like less.  It's all personal preference.  Having said that, you should only need a couple pieces at a time to get the smoke going, and then, based on taste, continue adding wood as it burns up to keep the smoke going to reach your flavor. 

    Good luck.

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