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  1.              Hello, My name is Mike and live near Rockford, IL. Totally new to smoking and to this forum. I really enjoy eating smoked food. The stronger smoke flavor, the better. My favorite flavor is probably Hickory. I have an uncle that is into smoking things and has a smoker. Kind of got me into buying my own and trying it. One tip he told me is if I was to buy a smoker to buy an electric one because you can pretty much set it and go. Not messing with keeping a fire lit etc... So, I bought this: Masterbuilt 30-inch Electric Digital Stainless Steel Smokehouse with RF remote. Is that a pretty decent one for a first -timer?

                I have already seasoned it as per the manual. Looking to do my first "experiment" on it as soon as the weather breaks here. Supposed to rain for the next week. UGH! Any suggestions? I have been collecting a few meats to try since I got this smoker; they are a beef brisket, baby back ribs, pork shoulder-cut like ribs?, and that's it I think. 

                I will probably be doing a lot of reading on here to get up to speed and give myself a crash course on all of this for awhile til I get the hang of it.
  2. Howdy, Mike, and welcome from down-state. The baby backs and the fake pork ribs are pretty easy following one of the many methods found here. I usually do baby backs using a slightly modified 3-2-1 method because I like them to fall off the bone. Some folks like them a bit chewier. Your preference. You might want to check out Bearcarver's step by step methods. He has some pretty great stuff. Just use the search bar and search for bearcarver. Have fun. Keep us posted on how they turn out.

    BTW, thanks for the hail damage as I drove through Rockford 2 weeks ago. LOL. State Farm must love me. 3rd car with hail damage in the past 18 years.
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
  4. Hey Mike, welcome to the forum. Glad you joined the group. Pork shoulder is pretty forgiving, but takes a long time, If you have never smoked before you might do some chicken, (Cheep and easy) that way you will get the feel of your smoker and how much smoke flavor you like.

    Good Luck

    Gary S

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