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    Well what happened was a few wks. Ago stopped in the local price cutter grocery stor, needed some j.d. breakfast sausage. $5.89 for a 1lb. Roll iI said to myself no way I aintpayin that so bought potter. Friend of mine said he would go in halves on hog panels t-post and feed. To get some pigs. if we could keep em at my place. I sad ya lets go buy some. Found theese 4 at a awesome price , wish id a bought 4 more but oh well. My buddy whos goin in his father was a butcher. And so hees also learned from his father. So no butcher fees. Any way doin this little smoker on the cheap. Bought 3 16ft. 2x4 at the depot in the cull pile for like $2.35 a piece. Went back today and bought some fine lookin missouri purple cedar. Spent $40.00 on that. $10.00 on a box of coated screws.$10.00 on hinges. That purple cedar looks kinda kool. Im sure it will fade. Oh and I called a local scrapper he said he would sell me 3 s.s. oven racks for $3.oo a pc. Helluva dealI I thought. Oh, back to the pigs for a sec. Local feed store wanted $13.oo for 50lb. Hog grower. We found a family owned feed store that mixes their own has cereal, peanuts, cracked corn, and spent brewers grain. But when I say peanuts its peanuts pistachios and cashews. Man they go ape sheet crazy over that. They charge $6.50 for a 60lb. Bag. Any way sorry to ramble but ill be honest im purty excited. But lost my old login so now in a fng again. Try and get some more pics tomorrow. Im out
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    BT, evening.... Nice looking smoker...... be sure to condition it with lots of smoke for days before sticking meat in there..... that cedar may need a real good coating of smoke to keep the volatile oils from coming out and getting into the meat.... Keep it warm so the oils will volatilize into the air and the smoke resins will permeate the wood.... probably take a week or so..... I'd keep the smoker around 200 - 300 degrees... up and down and several hours of smoke per day.... You may not need any venting with the boards installed like that... you will probably have plenty of air infiltration with that set up.....

    OH YEAH ..... welcome back......

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    Thanks dave, ya im not in any hurry well I cant wait to get it done but ya ill season er upreal good. Main thing is to have it done by butchern season. I was going to start refining my recipes bacon ,jowl,sausage. Called the meat store today they want $4.00lb. Not goin to happen. Oh ya im goin to try using flour and water paste for a sealer. It works great on some of my other applications. Any way getting, getting readyto start on the widowmaker sausage grinder i can order the #32 grinder with the big pully for $60. Also buying the motor tomorrow I think its either 1/2 or 2/3 hp. 1725rpm. Not sure if im goin gear reduction or not. I have read people doing it both ways. Any thoughts,you guys chime In
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    Tell all of us more about the flour/water paste sealer....... good info..... About the sausage grinder.... Gear it down pretty good.... Don't know the exact RPM but I would guess around 50 RPM..... Check that out before you do your gear reduction..... High speed grinding introduces heat to the meat which is not good... I use a #12 Kitchener grinder... about $100.... not good for high volume meat grinding but will do 20#'s no problem.... I grind about 200-300 #'s of meat a year with my sausage and home ground burger... Grinding 4 hogs you will need something more substantial than the grinder I have.... unless you package it and freeze for later and grind when you want breakfast sausage or Andouille or what ever, in 10-20# batches......
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    I lnow that flour paste will completely seal the top of a moonshine still, while its running. I was thinking that I wanted something uknow foodgrade.the flour paste is very easy to work with. Ill keep ya posted. You can also use plain cooked rice. While still moist take a few kernels in between thumb and forefinger mash it together. Acts like a glue. Rice will beharder to work with but the flour no dought in my mind will work. Ya im still researchin the grinder ill get it figured out.
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    sorry fellas and ladies, its been a while i know. buisy buisy buisy. man the pigs are doin awesome.and groin. got new pics of the pigs and the cold smoker. well i went ahead and ribbed the outside of the smoker to hopefully cut down on the smoke leakage. ill save the flour and water paste for the pother hobby. got the roof and chimney and roof on. the door is finished just needs to be hung. on the bottom is a ps. of hardy backer  i had leftover from the wood stove heat shield. man i cant wait til butcher season rolls around and those pigs LOVE that feed mix. and its really cheap. oh well guys ill try and post theese update pick.

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    Looks very good. I like the look the boards give the outside. I wish I could slibe the shelves out on mine. Maybe the next one.

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