New RF Smoker - Tips??

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by daveinchicago, Apr 21, 2014.

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    I am buying a new RF smoker built by a friend of mine (professional welder).  I have only used vertical smokers in the last 6-7 years so this is new to me.  Attached is the pic of the unit.  The firebox door (which you can't see) has vents however they aren't adjustable.  The only adjustment is on the stack and then the two red vents you can see on the barrel's left side.  Should this be a problem or will I be able to control the heat OK with that vent placement (I hope so)?  All my last smokers were propane fired so I will have to fine-tune my firebox usage.  I haven't used one with a firebox in probably 8 years!  I live in the big city so I have been restricted in what I was allowed to use unfortunately (= propane).

    Any other tips would be great. Looking forward to this season.

  2. Well, if he is a welder, and a friend, have him weld up those Venda on the left side ( useless and will only be a problem loosing heat) and get some good vents on the firebox, Check out intake styles thread for ideals.
  3. Vents, not Venda, Spellcheck again......

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