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  1. I have owned several Wally World specials over the years, and attempted a huge build several years ago that failed.  After snooping this forum for a few weeks I finally decided it was time to do it right.  I have a good friend the owns a metal shop, and has been fabricating for years so tools wont be an issue.  Cooking chamber will be 28 inches diameter and 36 inches long.  With a quick cut of the plasma cutter the CC was cut to size.

    The fire box will be 20 inches in diameter and 25 inches long.  It took some figuring, but we got it attached. Then we capped the fire box end of the cooking chamber.

    We ran out of time at this point, and we wont be able to work again for about a week.  I will make sure to get plenty of pics.  Until then happy smoking!
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    Have you done any calculations with the feldon calculator for you smoker? Would hate to see you get very far into the build and not have the right dimentions on things. It is those dimentions that make a great finished smoker compared to a failure!
  3. Yes. I'm about the calculator says I need 7300 for fire box and I'm 7850.
  4. Getting the fire box capped.
  5. Installing head plate.
  6. All ends capped and door cut. That's all the time we had today, but should only take a few more hours then I grind for paint.
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    Looking Good!! Keep us posted!!!
  8. Well its been a while. With the wife working full time and going to school full time. It's left me with taking care of the kid, and due to the unusually wet winter here in Texas the motivation has been low to get outside and work on smoker. But we have made some progress.
    Mostly done there. Next is it in my driveway starting to season.
    Now for some Q view. Some chicken and ribs.
    I just put on a split brisket. I will update as it progresses.
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    Good looking build and food.  Perfect size for patio cooking.  What made you change from a RF to a direct flow?
  10. Well you see, lol, my buddy that works at the welding shop said he was slow one day, and he was going to work on the smoker in his free time.  He texted me that he had made some progress, and to come check it out.  When I pulled up I could see the problem.  The stack was on the wrong end, but I had another friend that had made one with a heat plate and the stack on the opposite end of the fire box and he had great BBQ every time I have had some.  So I figured I would give it a try, either way it would take a ton of work to cut it off and change it, so I decided to see how it cooked.  To my surprise hit holds good temps, and cooks great.  I don't see any ill effects of it, though I may not know what I'm talking about.  Any advice on this would be appreciated.  If it could ever stop raining I will paint it.   Looks so unfinished all rusted. 
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    So you do have a plate in the pit?  Got a pic of the insides?  It will still cook, just not really smoke the meat if you have a plate in a direct smoker.  Tuning plates are used more often in direct flow pits, this way you can increase the sizes of your gaps as you get farther away from the firebox.  

    As far as paint and getting rid of the rust, wire wheel it with a 4" grinder, then a flap disk to smooth any rough edges, then brush on a good coat of Ospho (rust remover and inhibitor), let it sit over night, wire wheel off any crusty deposits that the Ospho created, then give it a good couple coats of Rustoleum high heat paint.  I buy the quart cans from Lowes and use a cheap air auto sprayer I picked up at Harbor Freight, gets a good even coat.  Then build you a small fire and run it for a few hours to cure the paint.
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  12. I am in the middle of a brisket right now but I will post some pics of the plate later.  It seems to smoke well.  I find I'm not having to cover my meat on the long the long smokes to keep a good color, and there is more circulation then I would have thought with a solid plate, but adding some holes later is no big deal.  I'm still learning how to use it at this point.  My beef ribs turned out awesome with the amount of smoke I like.  I guess it all personal preference when it comes to this kind of stuff.
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      I guess it all personal preference when it comes to this kind of stuff.

    That's what BBQ is all about, to each his own.  Cook it how you like it!
  14. I think I have acquired a mental illness since finishing this build.  Most of my free mental time is taken up now by thinking of where the meat sales are and when/what I am going to cook next.  I guess if that's the worst thing I have going on right now I'm doing all right.  Happy smoke to all, and I will update later about the brisket.  Its been on for about three hours can't wait until it's ready.
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  16. Hi I'm not here often so maybe should not make any comment but with the tools you have available that stack could be moved to the other side and the old spot patched like it had never been there if you want a RF smoker. With a plasma and a mig welder and a little talent is all that's needed. I only posted because I hate regret . Other than that it looks great.

    Best Alan
  17. That's true. It wouldn't be to much work to move the stack, but it's the exact same amount of work to do it then or later. It smokes like a champ. Seems a little quick but the split brisket is finished in only 5 hours. I guessing just not as much meat heated up quicker. Held a temp between 225 and 275 entire time.
    Hard to get a good picture with the foil. I'll post some when I slice in 90 minutes.
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  19. Nice, very nice


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