New RF Build - Burn Out ?????

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by mgw619, Oct 19, 2011.

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    I am 95% complete with my RF smoker build.  It is a 250 gal chamber with a 30x24x24 square firebox.  It's almost identical to Unclebeef's build.  The only problem is that i never got a chance to burn it out.  I took the tank to the guy doing the fabricating and he went to work on it welding the baffle in and the firebox on the end.  The smoker itself is 100% fabricated with the mounting on the trailer left to do.  MY QUESTION IS what would be the best way for me to burn this thing out good?  Is this neccessary?  Before I took in to the welder I washed and flushed this tank out numerous times.  The tank has been cut open for several months.  Any ideas on cleaning the chamber and making sure it is safe for cooking on.  Don't want to poison the family and friends just trying to get their BBQ fix!!  
  2. solaryellow

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    You could build a fire on the RF plate and use a weed burner to get under the RF plate. Just be careful not to break any welds by getting things too hot. FWIW, we washed our tank out and had been cutting on it for a while but the propane smell didn't leave until we burned the tank out.

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