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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by bhelton, Jul 23, 2014.

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    I just bought a 120 gallon smoker on a trailer from Dave's Custom in Riverview Florida. It didn't have a fire box, so let the fabrications began. We cut the smoker off the trailer and turned it around. We also extended the fenders out 6 inches. Using the pit calculator we are constructed a fire box, cut the end off, and the steel plate will also be a water pan. Here are a few pics of the work so far.

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    120 gallon smoker = 27,720 cubic inches...
    FB/CC opening and area under the RF plate.... 27,720 x 0.004 = 110 ish square inches
    FB air inlets..... 27,720 x 0.001 = 28 square inches.... and add an additional opening, directly across from the FB/CC opening, about 3-4 square inches..

    I'm assuming you used Feldon's calculator.... Whatever calc. you used.... check your values with the ones I provided....

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    Dave, thanks for your help. I did have trouble keeping my temp up.
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  5. what are the measurements of your fire box?
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    Yeah, your firebox is about 8% too small.
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    Take your stack diameter and length into consideration. It all works together as a system to create, use and evacuate heat/smoke.

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