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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by duckjockey, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. I've recently joined from Central Oregon, and am overwhelmed with all the good information. I do have a couple of questions, which a quick search for on the forums failed to bring up a thread:

    I am trying to decide between a Smokin-It o45 with an Auber control,  and a Cookshack model # 3.  

    Does the Cookshack meat probe allow decent control over the cooking process, similar to the Auber, or is it just a one temp, set it and forget it?

    The Smokin-it, retrofitted with an Auber, seems to me to offer more bang for the buck, in spite of being of lower quality stainless.  It's a larger capacity unit, and the Auber offers a LOT of control (whether needed or not!).  But the heating element of the CS Mod 3 is more powerful, allowing 300 degrees to be reached easily.

    Have any of you had personal experience with both of these units, and have an opinion?


  2. Hey from another oregonian! Theres a few of us here, one of the best people to look for help from happens to be a sort of neighbor of yours in bend. He goes by dirtsailor2003, Case is his name. You will learn a lot here, I know I have! I can't personally answer any of your questions but these guys know all there is to know (about smoking lol). Hope to see more of you!
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    From what I can see they are close. The main difference is the Cookshack can go to 300 degrees and the other is 250 degrees. Both have about same warranty. Cookshack is made in USA and the other does not say. So it's likely a import from China or else where. I think Fast Eddies makes some out standing smokers IMO.
  4. Thanks, Trippy.  I agree they are close, and your observations are correct.  The Smokin-it is made in China, but the quality seems very good.  Using it with the Auber, I can go to 350 F, so that's a wash.  And, it will give me greater flexibility in other ways as well.

    I agree that Fast Eddy makes an excellent smoker.  I've about decided that blazing pellets are not the best idea at my location, however.  With their moving parts (auger) and fire, they are definitely a fire risk if not set up in a secure area.

    Keep smokin,

  5. trippy

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    I see Cabela's has one too but it's pricey like the Fast Eddie's. As for the pellets being a blaze risk. I have not heard of any blow ups like with turkey fryers. They have a pretty small fire. 36000 btu burn ratting at max burn. Many gas grills exceed that and then some. Like anything you should work in well ventilated areas. Even with an electric smoker. Always cook safe and sane!
  6. Very true, Trippy.  Safety first.  I did speak with a good friend who has a Traeger, and operator error caused a big fire in the unit.  He didn't clean out the ash pot, the pot filled with pellets, and he cranked up the heat to clear it, then left.  Not wise, of course.  Even the electric ones, if abused (like not cleaning them), can ruin your day. 
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  7. [​IMG]   Good morning and welcome to the forum, from a cool and rainy looking day in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.

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    Welcome from SC, Duckjockry. I hope you will enjoy this site with lots of folks who are always ready to share their ideas and tips. Sorry, I can't help you on your cooker questions. I'm not familiar with either one. Good luck, Joe

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