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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by packplantpath, Dec 14, 2007.

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    Hi folks. Ryan here. I recently found a guy selling a ~10 year old Brinkman smoke n pro on craigslist. The guy was a NCSU football fan (as am I, not much to talk about lately) and had used it on many tailgates but switched to gas. Picked it up for $20. If only the $20 would have helped me get that thing in my truck, by god it was heavy. Anyway, it's in fair shape. Bit of rust on the outside. I've removed that with a wire brush and repainted w/ grill paint. Problem is, it's a month or so later and it's rusting again on top. Did I not add enough paint?

    On to the cooking. I've tried it out 2 or 3 times with fair results. My old rig was a modified ECB and this is much easier to keep heat up for me. I can actually not do anything except at ~2 hour intervals. Compared with the new ones, it's much thicker, so I'm guessing that explains the temp stability.

    Anyway, a few questions. There appears to be two places for the internal grate. On one, it is even with the tray on the front and sits on the bracket in the back and a bolt on the front. The guy I got it from just sat the grate in the bottom and the curve holds it up about 4 inches lower. Which is correct, because I've found a 20 degree temp difference here.

    Final question. I've seen some offsets where there is a grate in the firebox for searing a steak or such. This has none and there are no brackets. Any ideas where to get one?

    Anybody got a similar rig and has any tips?

    Hopefully this picture code works here (EDIT: woo hoo it does).
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    I would like to welcome you to SMF. Glad you found us. I know you will have a lot of fun here. I think you got a steal with the smoker. I have never seen that one, yet alone used it, but from what I see and hear, you did good and will get years of great service out of it. There are many offset smoker owners on board. They will be welcoming you and sharing their thoughts in no time. I will leave specific remarks to them.

    Once again, nice to have you on board. Enjoy!

  3. fatback joe

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  4. cman95

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    Welcome man......this is THE place! Lots here to learn and these are some great peeps to learn from. Good Luck!!
  5. dutch

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    Welcome to SMF, Ryan. Nice to have you join us!

    You got an excellent deal on that smoker! Your said that you clean off the rust with a wire brush and painted it with grill paint. First off, where is the rust? And second, did you use a high temp paint?

    Usually, the paint on the sfb blisters and peels off leaving the bare metal exposed to the elements. You might try priming and repainting the sfb with automotive grade hight temp paint (the kind that will withstand temps above 1000*) or easier and cheaper is to build up the fire in the box and apply a coat of vegitable oil to the outside of the box and let it burn into the metal (pretty much like seasoning a steel griddle-it will turn black but it takes a while). Just remember to apply a THIN coat of oil each time you are finished using the smoker and the box is still hot.

  6. packplantpath

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    The paint was rustoleum grill paint. The can says good up to I think 1000*, but I'll have to look again to be sure. All rust is outside (the inside was good and seasoned from multiple uses) and is mostly on the top. I knocked a bit of crud off the inside, but didn't clean to metal.

    I hadn't thought of treating it like my cast iron pans. I'm a huge fan of those. That's a thought. My only concern would be if I didn't use it regular enough the seasoning would come off and rust again. I suppose I just have to get a cover too and light it up at least weekly!
  7. jamesb

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    My first pit was a SnP! That was many moons ago! The grates where designed to be placed about even with the front shelf. Also, as far as I know there was no grate for cooking in the firebox, just the grate for the coals. In mine, I turned the coal grate 90° so that there was more room under it for air/ashes. That pit sure taught me alot about fire control! Enjoy yours!

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    Welcome to SMF! Sounds like you practically stole that smoker!![​IMG]

    Just make yourself at home. The folks here love to share smoking stories and experiences. Look around and you'll find information on about any aspect of smoking you're interested in.
  9. packplantpath

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    Well, he did ask for $30, but I convinced him to part ways for $20.

    Thanks for the info on the grates, I thought they were meant to be even with the tray, but wasn't positive.

    I've been lurking around the site for a while, just now getting around to posting. I finish my MS in about 4 weeks, and I plan to have a nice long smoke with plenty of adult beverages. Can't wait.
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    Welcome to the forum... Looking forward to your Qviews and input![​IMG]
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    Welcome to the SMF, Great deal on the smoker.
  12. richoso1

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    Welcome to the SMF, the place where smokin' folks gather on the net. You got one great deal on the smoker my friend. Hang around, you're gonna get some great advise very shortly.

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