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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by trameltanz, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. trameltanz

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    My name is Jason. I purchased a horiz. cylinder smoker with a firebox because I love to cook and have always wanted to try it out.

    The first attempt was not very good. I tried using charcoal because I couldnt wait to buy wood *grin*! I couldnt keep that thing hot enough and with no experience it was severely underdone (8 hrs was not long enough). Putting cut pieces in the microwave or oven worked really well. Flavorwise I was impressed.

    2nd attempt and 3rd attempt I started the box with charcoal and then loaded it up with Pecan to get the whole thing hot and ready to cook. After about an hour to 2 hours I had great coals and I was able to control the temparture with the damper and the chimney choker (dont laugh at my grammar!) :- )

    There are two concerns (can I do that?)
    1. A tar like matter forms at the seams of the door/hinges. I am thinking it is the tannins and the oils from the wood. During the 1st attempt I noticed this tar stuff dripping from the bottom of the chimney onto my meat (it was in the form of a circle). I thought it was the paint that the manf. used before they shipped it. HELLO?! Why are they using paint on the inside? I noticed a strong chemical taste in the brisket. The ribs werent so bad. They were only in there for about 6 hours.

    2. Before the third attempt I scraped the paint off, collected it and threw it away. I cooked brisket and ribs again. Thinking I had done away with the nasty chemical taste I was excited and confident this would be THE BEST ever I have made...........
    So not the case! I was disappointed (not defeated) that the chemical taste did not go away. SO.......I am almost convinced that it is from the wood. But I am inquiring of the experts! I use pecan and, sparingly, small pieces of mesquite. Is the wood bad? Too green? Am I "smoking" too much?

    Does the tar stuff have anything to do with the nasty taste?

    I have to keep the chimney completely closed because when I added the firebox the walls/pieces were bent so they dont mate perfectly. I clearly see smoke, and HEAT, escaping from between the firebox and the side of the barrel.

    I thought I was having problems my nose or my taster so I tried several different sources to make sure it is not me (being so old at 36 and all). The chemical taste was not present.

    I know I asked two questions but I am thinking that the scenario(es) relate to each other.

    :- )

    Any critiques or comments?

    Please fill me in! I would love to push out awesome food!
  2. meowey

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    Welcome to SMF! Glad you found us. Check out Jeff's 5-day ecourse on smoking basics.

    As for the chemical taste, did you season or burn in the smoker? That is a needed step to get rid of any oils left over from the manufacturing process. As for the tar like matter, it sounds like creosote. The chimney "choker" needs to be fully open to allow proper air flow through the smoker. Temperature is controlled by the air intake on the firebox. You will probably need to seal the leaks in that area. Post a picture of your rig so we can see the issues.

    Hope this helps. I'm sure someone else will be along with other insights.

    Take care, have fun, and do good!


  3. johnd49455

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    Welcome to the SMF the best BBQ site on the net[​IMG]

    I agree with Meowey.

    I have a CG s/SFB & carefully followed the Mfg inst. to season the unit & have never had a chemical taste. I almost never close the Chimney. I always control the heat with the damper on the SFB. One time I tried all Hickory wood & did get to much smoke & it had a bad flavor.

    Keep on asking questions & everyone here will help you thru the learning experiences. we are a great group to learn from.[​IMG]
  4. short one

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    Welcome to SMF, and enjoy the friendly folks here. Keep asking questions and I an sure we can improve your Q. As for you questions, how long have you had your wood aging-drying, you need to use seasoned/dry wood to keep from having creosote build up. You need to season your wood for 6 months or so to get the moisture content down, thus getting rid of the creosote which is probably the source of you bad taste. As was said before, post some pics if possible so we have a little more info.
  5. deejaydebi

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    Hi Jason -

    You are aloowed to ask as many questions as you want - and hopefully they'll be enough information to give you an answer.

    What kind of charcoal did you use? Did you use starting fluid?

    The tar does sounds like creasol from the wood - was the wood seasoned before you used it? Was there and mold on the wood that you could see?

    I would suspect the tar is what is causing the bad taste now we just need to find the source of the tar. If the tar was dripping down from the chimney did you clean out the chimney?
  6. smokebuzz

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    Welcome, as you can see many good folks will come to help
  7. coleysmokinbbq

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    Hi !...Welcome Aboard the SMF!...[​IMG]...Glad to have you with us!...

    Let me see if I can help you with some of those questions!...

    Please bear in mind these are the opinions I've formed based on the information in your post, and on the assumption that I'm understanding it all correctly.

    Others may have differing opinions than I do...and please remember...I'm not an expert on this by ANY stretch of the imagination...

    Others will be along shortly to help you too!...

    I hope that in some way that this will be of help to you...

    Again...Welcome to the SMF!...[​IMG]...We're glad to have you with us!...

    Until later...
  8. richoso1

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    Glad you're on board the SMF. You're gonna find and make so many friends here, and all just waiting to help folks get a good smoke. Looking forward to some Q Views!

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