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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lcurrie, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. lcurrie

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    Just have a question that we thought the pros could help us with!

    My husband and I recently purchased a bakery/sandwich shop and thought it would be a cut above the rest if we smoked our own chicken and beef for sandwiches.

    We don't currently own a smoker (so fire away with your brand recommendations) and we are completely new to smoking period so we are going to try to perfect this over the next couple of months before introducing them to our menu.

    What we'd love to ask is, what cut of beef do you feel is the best when used for sandwiches? and would it slice in our meat slicer deli-style?

  2. smokesontuesday

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    The smoker recommendation is going to depend on local regulations as well as volume.

    I like Eye of Round for cold roast beef sandwiches. It'll slice well with your deli slicer and it's easy to smoke. 
  3. phatbac

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    I would recommend a wsm 22 or two buy a temp control guru for each keep one for poultry and one for beef smoke beef wise eye of round or sirloin tip both make great sammmies. Also beef wise you coul do a corned beef brisket a day and make fresh pastrami
    Chicken you do sliced breast or thighs or pulled smoked sammies. Like pulled pork but easier and for your bird eaters.

    With 2-22WSMs and gurus looking in the 1100 balpark moneywise. They run on reg charcoal and flavor with wood chunks. The gurus can make them set and forget all day. All invest in a couple - three remote probe thermometers for your meat. Mavericks are popular.

    Let find you some meat pics...

    Siirloin tip sliced for sammies

    Vac sealed pulled chicken

    Smoked pastrami

    Hope this helps and good luck!
  4. jcbigler

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    I think you should be looking at some of the commercial smokers available on the professional market.

    Look for names like Bewley, Oyler, Old Hickory, Cook Shack and Southern Pride.
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