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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by ally2mail, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. My name is allen and I have been a smoking meat junkie for about three years. It all started when we had company in from out of town and my old charcoal grill had burned out the bottom. It had only been used to cook steaks and burgers anyway. So off to Walmart I go to get another charcoal grill. I looked at everything. I kept going back to this square box looking thing for a hundred bucks. THE GREAT OUTDOORS SMOKEY MOUNTAIN SMOKER. Propane grills ranged from about $100-$500 and I figured I could fill it with burgers and dogs and feed all the kids and inlaws. Well that worked fine. I had cooked the burgers and dogs on saturday night and didn't touch the thing untill Thursday, man what a mess. I cleaned it all up and headed to the internet. Ever since I found my life has not been the same. I fly model airplanes and I have found myself spending nights camping at the sod farm smoking beef briskets and such. Some times I hate my addition, the relatives always seem to stay longer. But seriously I have been searching for recipes and experimenting ever since. I love smoking meat and have even been called THE BRISKET MISTER at the flying field. anyway I have finally found a love for something that my wife can't really get mad at me for loving to do [although she has told me that I was going over board many times]. Thanks for all the info and I hope I can share some as well.
  2. richoso1

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    Man overboard, but welcomed at the SMF.
  3. blacklab

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    BTW My name is Blacklab and I'm addicted to the TBS [​IMG]
  4. grothe

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    Hear ya bout da relatives!!! LOL!! Everytime they show up it's "what ya cookin today?" God forbid there's somethin in da smoker, cause they just hang around til it's done an kinda invite themselves for dinner!! Welcome to the forum and I feel your pain!!!LOL!
  5. supervman

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    Looks like a pretty nice Ta Bakke smoke you're doin :)
  6. smoke freak

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    Dont worry Al, your wife will get on board. Smoke on...

    My wife used to say "Everything we eat doesnt hafta taste like smoke!"
    Now she opens the Dillons sale paper to see what meat is on sale for this weekends smoke.
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    Welcome, SMF! We feel yer pain...AND joy!
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    Welcome, but I won't call you "Brisket Mister" until you post some QVIEW.
  9. smokin365

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    Thats about the way it goes. My wife thought i was crazy the first time i told her i was gonna smoke cheese and made fun of me, but now she bugs me about when i'm gonna smoke more. Welcome, to the forum allen. Lots of great people here.
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    Welcome to the forum! Don't feel too bad. My wife made fun of me for taking pics of food off the smoker. Lately, she says, "here, get a picture of this".[​IMG][​IMG] (even if it isn't off the smoker).
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    Heck, that sounds great![​IMG]

    Welcome to the forum Allen, glad to have you here.
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    Welcome to the SMF.
  13. well I couldn't find any pictures of a brisket right off, but you can believe I will fix that ASAP. On the other hand, I've never had a single complaint about my ribs.
  14. pinkmeat

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    Please accept my apologies, Rib Mister...[​IMG]

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