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    Hey all!

    I live in Vermont and have been grilling for about 20 years and have smoked for the last 10. I had previously smoked on a 22 1/2" Weber Smokey Mtn for many years and added a Rec-Tec pellet grill a year ago. I also like BBQ on my Weber Performer. I have cooked for just the family and usually have a couple big BBQ's during the summer months for 20 or so. I like smoking Briskets and Pork Butts and seriously enjoy those long 12+ hour cooks.

    I have never competed in BBQ competitions and would love to hear from those who are competing.

    I am hoping to pickup some tips and recipes from the many members here. Looks like a great site with lots of good feedback. As I am now moving into the winter in Vermont I am often smoking and grillin' in the snow and cold but that just makes it all the more fun. 

    We do have some great Craft Beers here in Vermont and it ain't grilling without a good one in hand. Look forward to learning from and sharing my experiences with the members of this group. 
  2. Hi VTgriller

    Welcome to the Forum ..[​IMG]  Hope To see you posting around the site. Great bunch of smokers here and everyone is quick to answer any questions you have. Were glad you found the site!!


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