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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by oxjockey, May 9, 2008.

  1. oxjockey

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    First time smoker, long time eater.

    So I've read the basics and the 3-2-1 article and here I am with my new ECB on my back porch smoking a rack of spare ribs for tonight.

    I had to quickly throw the hickory in a can and take some out because apparently I didn't soak long enough (~2 hours) and it was smoking up a storm. There's more smoke coming out than I think should be, but hopefully she'll turn out alright.
  2. shellbellc

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    Welcome aboard! We have a nice little following here in PA. Stick around an you'll have more ideas than you know what to do with. We enjoy qview here also.
  3. To soak are not to soak that is the ?
    Welcome to the site.
  4. gooose53

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    Welcome to the SMF! Put some foil over the top of the can and poke some holes in it. Let's out enough smoke for you and I don't soak my wood for what's it's worth.
  5. waysideranch

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    I'm no pro but i soak for 20 min. for the first chunks and the next chunks for 40-60 minutes and have good luck. Get smoker smoking to where it has a nice little blue smoke rolling out and then put meat on grate. It doesn't have to be fogging out for nice smoke flavor. Experiment each time and you will be "aces" in no time. There are some old boys and girls here that know how to smoke. Each time you will learn something about your smoker and the meat that you're smoking . Good luck. Beer in hand helps too!
  6. oxjockey

    oxjockey Newbie

    Thanks guys! Last Friday wasn't so good, but mistakes don't hurt so bad either. ;)
  7. kookie

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    Welcome to the site................Glad you found us here............

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