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    My name is greg. My wife and I own a specialty meat store and take-out restaurant in Lafayette, La. called Johnson's Boucaniere. We opened one month ago. We make and smoke our own Sausage, Tasso, Beef Jerkey, Pulled Pork, and soon will start smoking Brisket and Turkey. Our Sausage, Tasso and Jerkey recepies are based on the world famous Johnson's Grocery in Eunice which closed three years ago - If you want to read about us here is a great article . I have built a custom made 4'-8" x 20'-0" 4 compartment smoker. 2 compartments are for smoking sausage (each holding 300 lbs. each, one compartment for Beef Jerkey and Tasso and one with a 6 tray rotis. which will smoke approximately 360 lbs.). I have always enjoyed to bbq and want to learn all I can about smoking techniques and recepies and that is why I am here.

    It is a pleasure to be in this forum.

  2. You'll enjoy this site ... many hours spent getting ideas!!!!!
    Tasso ... mmmmmm ... haven't had any in years!!!!! Was ordering it from, but haven't used them for a while.
    They was my main supplier for Community coffee, but now I can get that up here now. ((also Luzianne tea ... it goes great with any BBQ)).
    Originally from Delhi, LA ... but moved way up north to Arkansas!!!!! No pecan to smoke with here, but plenty of hickory.

    Welcome to the site, and enjoy!!!!!
  3. Greg..welcome to the forum..i'm pretty new here myself and learning alot here......i'm originally from when i go home i'll have to stop in and pick up some sausage...i stop at Don's a few weeks ago and brought home a icechest full of sausage and boudin...i used to work in eunice...used to buy the boudin from the slaughter house and from mowata...i don't think i ate the boudin from johnsons .. but i'm a boudin connoisseur and always stopping around looking for good boudin :)

    Diesel ...i'm aunt lives in that small town you prob know them...the cousin's name is troy richards
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    Welcome Greg to SMF,my gal is from NO-30 years there-she is a great cook and continues to teach me more cajun cooking all the time.I make our own sausage so boudin,andouille have been added to my many others.I use the fat from my pork bellies to make cracklins-I can't match Don's yet and prolly never will.I in here words have gotten tasso down-she uses it in her gumbo and jamblaya.glad you joined us-alot of good people in here.
  5. Kajun, I went to school with Troy (same age). Even rode the same bus to school ... can't remember his sisters name, though. Too many years ago. Everyone knows everyone from Richland Parish.

    Now that I'm really into smoking, I'm jealous of you and Greg ... probably tons of fresh fish to try. Smoked fish is my favorite, just glad I can go get some trout on occasion. I just sit and dream of how gator or loggerhead turtle would be on the smoker. And Kajun in Panama City, right on the $&*# gulf ... so many choices.

    Being from small town LA, (Delhi-Baskin) I will try anything. And I love sausage, but boudin is my least favorite. Just couldn't get thru that meal. I have a friend up here with in-laws in Houma that brings back ice chests full of goodies ... I may get him to bring me back some to try on the smoker.
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    Great job Greg. Let see some q-view with big rig.
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    Welcome aboard.............Glad to have you here................lots of great people here too............
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    Welcome to the forum!! I like tasso gravy on almost anything, might be ordering from you soon!!
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome to the forum Greg, glad to have you here.
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    Welcome to the smf. Glad to have you onboard.

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    Welcome to the forum. Don't forget to post q-view pics so we can all drool.
  13. small world for sure! yea i figured you knew troy being that it was a small town..his sisters are kim(oldest) and dana(youngest)........yea i bet smoked turtle is awesome..i'll have to try it someday can't believe you don't like boudin....there is not many people that don't like it...its just rice,pork meat and pork liver,onions and spices in a sausage must of had some terrible boudin ...could be that it was from houma....go to cajun country(SWLA) and try some there...maybe you dont like liver and had some that was heavy on the liver?..i dont like liver either but i love it in boudin...or did you eat "blood boudin"?
  14. I think it was a bad grind ... chunks in it, even blood vessels. Really turned me off to it.
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    Welcome to SMF y2c. Next time I am in Lafayette I will give you some business. Did I say I LUV tasso????

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