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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by the dood, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Hello BBQ Connoisseurs,

    My Name's Chris and I live in San Diego. I've been smokin' for about 2 years and it was all trial by fire based on what I've seen on TV and knowledge from Armed Forces buddies. (I'm a 13yr Navy Vet, left service in 08'). In the last 3-4months I've gotten very serious with my BBQ and decided to member-up. I'm still using the same Char-griller with fire box add-on I started and am very happy with it. Smoke and propane in one...can't beat it and happy with the products from both sources. When it's time to upgrade, the Weber Smokey Mountain may be the one.

    More about myself...

    I'm 38y/o, married, 3 kids (ages 19, 3, 3mo). Originally born in Suriname (South America), migrated to the States at age 7 and spent 10yrs in NJ before joining the service. While in the service I became a Histology technician (process lung, skin, prostate, breast biopsies and surgical tissue to screen for cancer, assist in autopsies. And no, I'm not a doctor, I work as their assistant in this capacity). I'm a music lover (primarily heavy metal, classic rock, classical music, some jazz) and been playing various instruments since I was 10. I currently play fretted and fretless bass for a local band in SD, but have been slowing down with that since I have new babies. My screen name comes from the movie, The Big Lebowski, I simply love the laid back demeaner of Jeff Bridges in that movie. Check it out, you guys may just become a Dude-ist. :)

    Despite joining this forum 2 months ago, I haven't made any new posts because I've been able to get ALL my answers from simple searches. In that time I realized there are some high caliber BBQ experts on here, so I was compelled to introduce myself. What's notable is the creativity, open-mindedness and food-sperimentation (if that's a word) that's encouraged by those members that keeps me coming back. I love Jeff's rub as it is and am also experimenting with it - thanks for your generosity in sharing that Jeff. In summary, this is one helluva cool community and I thank you for having me. 



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