New Home For The Smoker and Grill!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mr mac, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Last year I was walking down the steps of our deck to go down to the cement pad outside the basement door and fell through the bottom step.  I was carrying one of my wife's favorite glass casserole dishes which helped to break my fall.  It didn't do much for my hand which required some medical treatment. 

    At any rate, the old deck was scheduled to be replaced anyways but that little incident just prompted me to move it up on the project list.  The old deck was a whopping 12X10 with only 9X10 useable area because of the way the back door sticks out three feet. 

    This is with me in the corner.

    It goes without saying that we couldn't have much on the deck and the grill, the smoker and the small patio set were just too much all at once so the smoker had to go down stairs.  So, this past year we (my youngest and I) set out to build a new deck. 

    Since we were going to build a new, larger deck anyways, it just made sense to us to go ahead and go big or go home!  With that in mind we proceeded to design the new deck, create a materials list and submit the whole thing to the city and we got approval for it.

    After lots of this...

    And this...

    We ended up with this...a 16X36 foot monster!  Now the smoker is up with the grill where it belongs!

  2. driedstick

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    That looks great I need to do the same what you got planned for next weekend LOL much more room now huh

    Great Job.
  3. mr mac

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    From 90 sq. ft. to 576 sq. ft., yup, more room indeed!  As for next weekend, I'm sorry, I'll be washing my dog!  [​IMG]
  4. roadkill cafe

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    Beautiful job on the deck!!
  5. That look's great !!!!!!

    and i can wait till you get the dog washed !! [​IMG]

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