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  1. Received a MES 40 for Christmas. Never had an electric smoker before. I've seasoned it and smoked a pork butt so far. Obviously not impressed with the smoke output, used soaked chips and temp was about 230. I've read that I need the amazn smoker for good smoke output. Just wondering if there were any tips on getting good smoke out of it until I order one. Any other tips are definitely welcome. hanks!
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    Don't soak the chips. It isn't needed in an electric smoker. I'll let everyone else argue whether it is needed at all in any type of smoker.

    What didn't you like about the smoke output? Amount of smoke showing from the smoker or amount of smoke flavor in the pork?

    You'll never (or shouldn't) get billowing clouds of smoke with an electric smoker. All you want is TBS (thin blue smoke) with any smoker, regardless of heat source, so that's fine. The biggest pain with the electrics is adding chips every 45 minutes to an hour, unless the 40 chip trays are quite a bit bigger than the 30. There are two good remedies for this with Masterbuilt smokers. One is the AMNPS you mentioned. The other is to buy the Cold Smoking attachment for the Masterbuilt line. I use the cold smoking attachment all the time because the convenience of loading the chimney and flipping the switch for six-eight hours of smoke outweighs having to light the AMNPS for me. I know lots of people here can light one with their eyes closed but it is a much more involved process than a simple flip of the switch. The AMNPS is a great product and I do use it for smokes that will exceed 10 hours but for most of what I do I love the cold smoker because it maintains the set and forget feel of the electric itself.
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    Your AMPS will arrive sooner than you think.  I think it took 2 days to get mine?  Todd ships super fast.

    Dont hesitate about the AMPS.  You'll never look back. 
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  5. Mainly the amount of smoke coming out but I guess I was just expecting more than I should have. I've seen the cold smoke kits, hadn't done any research on them yet but good to know that's another option. Had to add chips about every hour or so like you mentioned so that was kind of a pain, definitely looking for something I can leave unattended overnight if need be. As far as the amps I've read nothing but good things, definitely going to have to get one orderd. Thanks for the info and tips!
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