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    I live in Parkertown in southern NJ on the shore, just twenty minutes north of Atlantic City.  I just can't seem to move away from the ocean air.  Can't stand cities but occasionally take a train trip to NYC with my son just for sampling food.

    I am retired from the army and the air force, starting as a paratrooper scout carrying an M60 machine gun in Viet Nam from '67-'69.  I kept up my education and was able to retired from the air force as a flight engineer flying C5A/B and C141A/B aircraft.  This was pretty funny as I jumped out of C141 aircraft as a paratrooper making my flight school a constant fight with instructors that kept asking if I were going to land the aircraft or jump out!!

    I have been getting into smoking with my Traeger wood pellet smoker.  I have had it for two years and have hardly missed cooking a meal on it daily.  Being retired at 67 I keep my time filled with collecting electric guitars playing rock, blues and getting more into jazz.  My other hobby is collecting HO gauge model trains and getting ready to build my dream layout. I love the transition era of railroading going from steam engines to first generation diesels.

    I am hoping to perfect my cooking skills and have finally learned to brine chicken to keep it moist.  We eat plenty of chicken and also pork loin, chops and various types of ribs.  We also do eat some steak, usually once a week.  I enjoy watching BBQ Pitmasters on TV always look for tips on smoking and BBQ.  When my old gas burner grill started going south, I priced out burners, knobs and such and it turned out to be three times the price of a new grill.  Being the grill itself was stainless steel, I tore everything out and started smoking with wood in it.  Although it is great I save that for large use while having company swimming in our in ground pool, funny how relatives from up north find our house in the summer!  My Traeger is ready in minutes and is perfect for our use.

    Well, hope I didn't bore you all and you can wake up now!

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    Jim, welcome to SMF!  You'll fit in PERFECTLY around here.  The vast majority of us love to talk on and on and on. 

    Looks like you are well on your way to perfecting those smoking skills you are after.  You'll find lots of ideas here to mix things up on occasion.  I get bored smoking the same thing over and over so I'm always finding something new to try here.  Drives my wife crazy because when she feels I have perfected something, I get bored with it and start changing it up.  I'm smoking pork shoulders right now for a party she is attending mid-week.  She made me promise I wouldn't change anything from the way she likes it.   Yawn, that's what I did.   

    Have fun with the forum while keeping your family and friends fed!

  3. [​IMG]   Good evening and welcome to the forum, from another hot, day in East Texas and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.

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    Thanks Gary, I have already used some ideas from this site, mostly using maple syrup on my roasted chicken, family loved it. 

    It has been hot here also, but thank Heaven the beach is only a few minutes from the house and we like to hang out on the beach in the morning then around three we hit our pool.  We have to enjoy the summer while we can as winter will be rearing its ugly head before we know it.

    As far as smoking my meals and doing BBQ, I do that all year long, even while raining and snowing, just as long as there is no lightning to help do the cooking!!
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    Jim Welcome to SMF you came to the right place,for any kind of cooking info.Thanks for your service.

  6. Hi Jim! We have a deep and abiding love of trains here. My almost-6 year old loves loves loves Thomas the Tank Engine. He can identify a lot of different kind of trains and what they are used for. We are collecting the wooden trains for him, but he plays with the die-cast ones all the time. I know that's not the same as the HOs but super fun still. My teenagers will build these crazy layouts for him and they play together for hours. The country fair here has a huge layout every year of HO trains and its the funnest thing to go see. I got to ride on a steam train when I was 11, I wish it was still here for my little one but they turned the track into a trail system :( anyways, the point is- we do love our trains lol.

    I'm pretty chatty too as you can see :)


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    Hello Richie, thanks for your service also, I see you were in Nam the same years as I.  I was a scout paratrooper carrying an M60 machine gun '67 - ' 69.  Welcome Home!!
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    combat engineer demolition spec.

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    Hello Patti, thank you for the welcome.  I am glad to hear your son loves trains.  At his age, he is old enough now for a G scale train of Thomas, they are the largest trains and are built for young hands.  If you go to, Factory Direct Trains, or MicroMark has some nice selections.  MicroMark has some of the best prices going.  My middle grandson, two years old loves trains also but is too young for the electric trains.  I constantly buy Thomas trains, videos and books for him as he loves me to read to him prior to bed.  They live up in the mountains of north NJ so we go visit every other week. 

    We are going up to the fair in north NJ Tues and Wed this week.  We love the county fairs and sampling all the food they offer.  My grand children love the animals also.  They are aged one, two, and three, pretty neat.  I can't wait until little Johnny the two year old can have G scale trains, I also called dibs on purchasing him his first electric train.  I always pick up battery powered trains for him and Thomas trains and anything I can find for his age.

    Well, time to crank up the smoker, huge storm coming and I am going to start the grill early before the rain comes.  If you have any questions on trains, just give me a shout.  [email protected]

  10. I will go check the G scale trains out! We probably have every Thomas movie and video ever made :). Hope you have a great day, stay dry!!!
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    '67 - '68 71st assault Americal Division m60 gunner and scout, '68 - '69 123rd scouts Americal Division, scouting and assaulting entire I corps, out of Chu Lai.  Scouted for 5th Special Forces missions during that time, headquarters in Da Nang and stayed at various Special Forces camps through out the I corps.  We were a calvary unit.  Then '69 - Aug '70 Scout Platoon 1st Squadron 17th Cavalry, 82 Airborne Division. 

    Back in the states was 82nd Airborne Division as a scout also. 

    Spent 12 years army enlisting for various schools to get into helicopters, completing college then attending Teterboro School of Aeronautics when transferring to active duty reserve unit both civilian technician and army arts program, Upon completion of Teterboro with federal pilot and mechanics licenses entered air force for flight training as a flight engineer on C5A/B aircraft in Dover AFB, Delaware, then to C141A/B aircraft at McGuire AFB NJ retiring after 11 years in Air Force.  Went to C141 as the C5 crashed in Viet Nam and we couldn't get much flight time with many problems with C5 so went to C141.  Was in every country in the world just about and many hot zones I want to forget about!!
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    Welcome home!!  We now can smoke meat and veggies instead of villages and people.

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