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Discussion in 'Texas Members' started by gene80, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. I live in Kyle, TX about 20 miles S of Austin. Totally new to this smoking thing so looking forward to learning a lot. I have a Camp Chef DLX due to arrive this week. A ton & a half of questions to submit as time allows. 80 years old, retired, love learning new stuff.
  2. txfshrmn

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    Hello . I 'm Chuck . I am going to try smoking catfish for export this next year , as well as raise crayfish from swimming pools . I live

    in Flower Mound , just north of Dallas

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    Welcome Gene80. You'll learn a lot here....I have. Look for the search bar and typ a key word about something you want to know. Then you will see a huge list of threads where that word was used.

    Hi Chuck. I've always wanted to try smoked Catfish!!!!
  4. txfshrmn

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    T Y for reply . We have had decent weather , but I can't do any fishing yet . I need to catch some fish to practice with for my own satisfaction .

    When I think the moment of truth is here , I will give a taste test to the seniors at the center here in Flower Mound . ( LOL ) .
  5. I am new and also Live in Flower Mound.
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    Hello . My name is Chuck , I am a member of Flower Mound senior center . I am trying to buy a house so I can go into business

    for myself , like raising crayfish and catfish for export .
  7. txfshrmn

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    Talk to me new guy , we need to put our talents together .
  8. Hello Chuck. I live in southeast Flower Mound. New at this smoking thing so not much talent.....YET!
  9. txfshrmn

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    Chuck here , my address is 4000 Morris rd , just north of 1171 .
  10. Hey Chuck, I live in Tealwood Oaks. We will need to get together after the holidays are over and I have a little more time.
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    Yes ,  that sounds like a very good idea . Do you like to fish as well ?? .
  12. Yep I am a shore fisherman......
  13. txfshrmn

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    Fantastic , lol

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