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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by bullitt5339, May 31, 2014.

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    I've been lurking here for a few weeks, studying and learning because I bought a cheap propane smoker after wanting to get into smoking for a few years. I didn't really know how much I would enjoy it or how good I would be at it, so I didn't want to invest too !much at first.

    After following the guidance I've been reading here, I successfully smoked my first two racks of ribs last weekend, which were called "the best I've ever had" by my neighbors, myself and my son who is currently in culinary school. I was as proud as a peacock. So on Memorial Day, I smoked 2 pork loins for the family and neighbors which were recipes that I found here. I got the same reaction as the ribs.

    So now I'm officially addicted and I'm not only doing two chickens this weekend, I am smoking salmon for my wife and even trying my first fatty, which is in the smoker right now.

    So I wanted to sign up to say thanks, learn some more, and possibly pass on things I'm learning to others.
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us ! Being an addict is a good thing round here ! Be careful on your temps with your salmon, salmon is great smoked but getting it too hot will result in a white, kinda ooze for a lack of better terms.... It will bleed onto the surface ! I try to avoid this myself by smoking it at lower temps, round 150-160* ! Just my 2 cents !
  3. Welcome from East Texas, nothing like good smoked meat, congrats on you successes you will be a hit with the neighbors from now on. Probably even rub off, When I started smoking last Saturday, one neighbor on the left came over to see what I had going, after a few minutes he said "man I think I'm going to fire up my smoker and do some ribs. The neighbor on the right was out back and asked what I was smoking, I told him and he said "I don't have a smoker but now I think I'll fire up my grill, It's catching

    Gary S

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