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  1. I bought a new grill/smoker today for $25. It's in great condition but used. The owners are moving out of state and wanted it gone so I lucked out! I'm just curious if what if anything needs to be done to the grates for one. They are heavy duty I'm assuming cat iron possibly. Definitely not the cheap stuff you get at Walmart. They had some caked on food that I scraped off and they had maybe 1 dime sized rust spot.

    Second is what is the best way to use it? I prefer charcoal and I know I can grill direct in the main compartment or indirect in the box. What about smoking?

    Any help/advice is welcome and appreciated! I'll let you guys know how it turns out!


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    Great deal!!
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    It is a smoker so you can use charcoal, lump or hardwood or a combination. Wood is hard to come by for me so I start with lump and once I get a good bed of coals I start the cook and add chunks of hardwood up to 145F internal (the meat won't take any smoke after that temp) and I finish off the cook with lump. Lump burns a bit hotter than charcoal and does not contain all the junk they put in charcoal.

    I'm not sure but it looks like a Char-Broil so you'll probably have some heat/smoke leaks to fill. For $25 you can't go wrong. Spray paint it and replace the wood shelf and you'll have a nice looking unit.
  4. totally agree with Wood River use lump to start and maintain temps .. i have an abundance of wood and still use lump  for fuel and chunks for smoke .. Hey that was a find and happy Smoking .. show us PICS  ...we love  to see it before you eat it!
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    Welcome to SMF @ukmoody86

    I was thinking the same thing, Keep us posted on what you do to refurbish or upgrade the $25 jewel you found. 

    Also let us know where you are from? Add it to your profile so it is on your posts. Location can make a difference with the answers! 
  6. Thanks everybody! I actually used it today and made some amazing food according to my wife and friends! I made some country style pork ribs and then at the end put on some brats and for the little ones some hot dogs. Had a great day!


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