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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by douglasg, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. douglasg

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    Hello everyone. Just purchased a JB this past weekend and will be seasoning with a pound of bacon tomorrow morning and smoking some spares in the afternoon. A couple questions:

    1. How are JB owners positioning the heat shields? The manual says that the JB only has one shield but mine came with both. Did a test with my dual probe Mavrick during the 400 degree burn. Left side was right at 400 but right side was consistently 50 higher. Did a second test tonight at 180 and moving the right shield about 1.5 inches from the center one and temps were 15 higher on right side. Thoughts?

    2. This will be my first cook using a pellet grill. Thought I would start at 180 for 2 hours and then up to 250 after that. I usually do the 3-2-1 method but not sure how that correlates with pellet smoking.

    Any help would be appreciate and I'll post some Q-vue tomorrow.
  2. waterinholebrew

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    Congrats on the new toy, I have the DB model & really enjoy it a bunch ! The heat shields in my DB (there's 3) are optional though I usually have them in. I know on the DB if the heat shields are installed incorrectly or backwards it does some weird stuff with the temps !

    I don't foil my ribs personally, but to each their own preference ! Post up some pics when ya can !
  3. douglasg

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  4. douglasg

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  5. douglasg

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    Spares, tips and baked beans on at 180.
  6. waterinholebrew

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    Nice smoker, just gonna toss some spares on the DB !

    Nice lookin chow ! Thumbs Up
  7. douglasg

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    Thanks...we'll see how they turn out. I started at 180 for 2.5 hours, turned them then bumped it up to 275 and have been there for the last hour. Hoping they will be done around 6:30.
  8. waterinholebrew

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    Yeah, let me know.... I tossed on a slab o spares round 3:30 ! Have them at 240*... They are starting to smell good !
  9. douglasg

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    The final product. They tasted awesome but still have some fine tuning to do. I usually foil but didn't on this cook. Was going for a dry rib.
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  10. b-one

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    Ribs look great and congrats on the pellet muncher!
  11. waterinholebrew

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    Awesome, looks great ! Thumbs Up
  12. irwinwd

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    I just got my Jim Bowie yesterday. Seasoned and did 2 whole chickens today. So far I like it much more to learn.
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  13. Nice 
  14. I have a JB and it took a few days to dial it in but this is how I have it setup.  I average a +/- 10 degree swing from left to right with the center being dead on.  

    I have two angled deflectors and a flat one that goes directly over the fire pot.  I have one angled deflector on each side of the firepot with the lip of the angled deflector over the lip that stick up on the flat deflector, like so 

    After this I used foil to plug all of the holes on the angled deflectors.  Once all this was done, I just had to tweak the lid on the stack to do the smaller temp adjustments.
  15. irwinwd

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    You totally blocked the holes in the deflectors?
  16. Yup.  I just left the gap at the bottom of the deflectors to let the smoke out.
  17. I was cleaning the smoker this weekend so I thought I would take a snapshot of how mine is set up.

    Note that all of the holes on the deflectors are plugged with foil.

  18. smokin monkey

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    Hi Backyard, has this help to Stabalis the temperature across the grill?

    Smokin Monkey �
  19. Yes.  I just have to adjust the vent hood on some days but I am usually seeing +/- 10 degrees across the grate.
  20. Cool

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