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  1. Hello All,

    New guy here from SE Pa. New to the smoking world and I'm here to learn as much as I can. I got a smoke hollow 38" propane smoker for Xmas and already did a venison roast and it turned out awesome for my first time, I used apple with a little bit of mesquite for it. Besides smoking food now I also like to archery hunt and shoot or ride the motorcycle when I can. I will be stalking a lot of pages here to learn from you all here. 
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    Welcome to SMF!

      If your first smoke was a venison roast and it didn't dry out , you are a leg up on a lot of the new smokers

    venison and pork loins have very little fat and can go from done to dry very quickly.
  3. Thank you eman, I was scared that it would. It took longer then it should because I was always checking it, the roast had a internal temp of 135 when I pulled it and forgot to take pics because i was too excited on how it did turn out. next time.
  4. Welcome! I'm a newguy (to this site) from PA as well. South central here.
    There's tons of info here!

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