New Cinder Block Smoker Plans- Looking for suggestions for doors/roof/anything else you might see

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  1. 1. My plan is to use standard 8x8x16 cinder blocks and 8x8x8 cinder blocks to complete this project. I will run two ducts from the firebox to the smoke chamber. I will have one door to the smoke chamber and one door to the firebox. The firebox will have an air inlet and outlet duct with damper.

    2. The smoke chamber will have two smoke ducts coming into the smoke chamber through a block that will be flipped over from the firebox to the smoke chamber room. from there I will have racks built on the inside and a smoke outlet duct on the roof.

    3. I am also going to make the option to have a hot smoke capability with a lp burner on the bottom of the smoke chamber. The lp line will be piped into the smoke chamber and will be controlled by a pilot valve burner and main burner assembly with a digital controller. I have used this type of system before and it works well.

    4. My questions are what do you guys suggest for a floor. I will not be smoking much over 300 degrees at all. Will I get by with just a concrete slab? What should I do for a door? Any suggestions for the roof? Is there anything that I am not thinking of?

    I have a sketch here that I drew up. Any suggestions/feedback would be appreciated.

  2. Jeff,

    Appears you are well on the way - you have a plan.  A few things to consider:
    • If the house is entirely blocks, make sure you put slab anchor bolts (or something similar) in joints of block runs so you have something to rest shelves on.  A lot easier than adding wood or metal brackets later.
    • I would use a pre-hung metal door if you can find a lot easier than building a wooden one.  It appears your drawing for blocks (Top View) doesn't match the other sketch.  Your Top View shows the blocks taking up 48" (16+16+8+8) of the front.  Use half blocks on front or stop the side row to allow your front blocks to go all the way to side.  Buy or build a door first so you know exactly where to lay blocks.
    • Use double wall chimney pipe or pipe on side - you will have a drip when smoking if you don't.
    • I would line the firebox with fire brick.  When cement blocks get wet and you have a fire going - they will probably crack.
    • Can you lower your firebox so your duct comes into house lower???  Not a big deal but you will have more smoke space.  Your firebox is pretty big.  I use a 2X2 foot box and it heats my house very well. 
    • Concrete slabs will work fine.
    • Think about how long you want duct - it will matter if you cold smoke and don't want to use LP.
    • Metal roof would be easier than wood on your design.
    These are suggestions only.  Good luck and keep us posted.
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    FWIW.... Propane emits a lot of water and the inside of the cold blocks will sweat... consider an electric booster heater...

    I have a bathroom exhaust fan / heater combo that the exhaust fan died... I'm saving the heater part for adding heat to my "time to rebuild" smokehouse... the fan on it will recirculate smoke also ... I'm planning on putting it on a thermostat to control the temp at ~70 ish degrees for cold smoking in the winter.... If I ever get to this project....

    If you run the exhaust out the side of the smokehouse, condensate will not drip on the food inside... Just run a stub of an exhaust.. about 6" is adequate... or use floor vents for forced air heating... they can be adjusted or closed....
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