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  1. High guys I often come to this form looking for sum good reading... I came a cross a free drum... so i desited to take a crack at it... its been a fun project... but I have come up to a dead halt... I got a 10cfm fan from guru and there adapter... I was wondering... do i need to make more holes at the bottem or just the one for the adapter??? my fan and adapter will be here monday... and next month im gonna get that DigiQ DX2... Quick easy painless lol... and another question... I got my barrel sand blasted... (and gonna have the outside powder coated black.) do i still need to do a burnout? oh ya and will the inside rust? is there something i can do for the inside barrel so it doesnt rust??? is there a need to? i just put everything together to see how it will fit... gonna break it down to go and get it painted... thanks
  2. You want to make sure all the red stuff is gone fro the inside of the drum. After you season it (coat the inside with Veg oil or spray with pam) I do not think it will rust. Not sure what you are going to do with the fan and I assume you are making a UDS. Do a search for UDS and you will find several diffrent ideas on how to do it. Ho[pe I helped you out.
  3. Thanks... N yes my drum has been sand blasted inside... No red left... I've looked every where that's why I joined this forum to see if anyone else have used this product with ugly barrow combo the fan basically controls the air flow in the drum... Then the dx2 controls the fan and all temps. Meat probe barrel temp and control takes that info and controls the fire temps...
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    Maybe it’s just me, I have never build a UDS, but I have read about tons of builds when I was planning on building one. Sorry,but I don’t understand the need for the fan…. Maybe if I had a drawing or a picture I could better understand your reasoning to be able to help you more…..
  5. heres a pix to help with a mental image lol... did it off paint lol...[​IMG]basically instead of holes and vents on the bottem and valves for manuel control... this fan blows air into the barrel to feed the fire... works exactly the same way as a valve... you turn it down... it starves the fire and brings down the heat... u turn it up and it feeds the fire allowing the fire to get hotter... now the controller portion controls this fan and tells it if it is too hot or not hot enought and regulates the rpm of the fan...  the controller regulates the fan with a probe for the barrel where the meat is located... then the controller also monitors the internal temp of the meat with another probe. (not show in crappy drawing lol) when meat reaches desired will suffocate the fire... and sound an alarm to let u know its done... it also sounds when temp is too high or too low... (what ever you set it to...) lots of other stuff it does that doesn't matter... (not trying to sell there product lol just trying to give you a better understanding...) this is basically a lazy boy version lol... hope this helps you understand....
  6. Army,  you mean like this:  I got this off the pitmaster IQ site but the concept applies.

  7. Lol yes!!! Exactly lol thank you very much! Lol I see u still have a Manuel control valve at bottem. Now is this nessisary or did u put that in as a back up?

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