New Braunfels vertical smoker (Mesa, AZ)

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  1. azzil

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    Used, New Braunfels brand (now Char Broil), vertical wood/charcoal smoker with temperature gauge. This is a mild classic/collectors item. Part of interior is rusted, needs some clean up. Compared to what others are paying for this type of smoker in the country, this is a great deal! Best contact is at 480.459.5630 Will take best offer. Located in Mesa, AZ. START CLTAGS

  2. mrchubbs

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    Is it available still? Interested in it, if you could tell me How I would clean that rust up...
  3. pit 4 brains

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    I saw this in a Craigslist ad here in Mesa. Poster doesn't show the cooking chamber at all and the firebox is still filled with old ashes which leads me to believe it is probably corroded beyond repair. I don't think it's worth the 99 bucks or it would be in my back yard.
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