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    I bought a Book last Christmas that has recipes from all over the world.  I started studing especially since I became bored with the same old recipes.  Traditionally this dish is made with lamb.  Since hubby is a Texan that is not going to happen in our house.  So I adapted it to beef and it is wonderful.  I used a new spice blend called Berbere.  The finished dishes tastes very much like beef in BBq sauce with a little different twist and not so sweet.

    Here are the pictures of the preparation and final dish.

    I used  tri tip and cut it up into fairly large pieces.[​IMG]

    Instead of dugding the meat in flour you drudge it in the spices.  Saves on carbs!


    The meat is then browned  Don't crowd the meat!


    Meat is removed and 2 sliced onions then carmelized in the pan.


    There is a diced bell pepper in with that onion saute until carmelized and translucent.


    The meat is returned to the pan and covered with a large can of crushed tomatoes.

    And one tablespoon of fresh ginger is added to the dish.


    I braised the meat for one hour and then put it in the crock pot liner dish and put it in the smoker.



    I then put it in the smoker for 5 hours at 270 degrees.  And here is the final dishes it was so good.

    It is actually an Ethiopian recipe/dish  Berbere is a spice blend from there.

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    Looks good! How's the Business going?...JJ
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    [​IMG]  would you be instrested in sharing that Berbere recipe ???? It looks soooo gooooodddd!!!!
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    Smokin Vegas aka Ivie...Is a new SMF Sponsor and a purveyor of Spices, Blends and Teas...Check out this blend on her website...Good Stuff!!!...JJ
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    Looks delicious!
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    I really like this.  It tastes almost like beef in BBQ sauce but the sauce is not sweet.  There is a slight sweetness from the moralization of the onions, peppers and meat.   This dish is traditionally served with flat bread.  It would be really good with rice. 

    The spice recipe used is basically a custom blend that I am selling on my website. I am an ad sponsor here.  You can find the spice blend there.  Some of the spices are not found in the grocery stores.

    Here is the recipe.

    Materials need large fry pan, deep baking dish, tongs or large fork for turning meat

    1/2 cup of berbere spice blend

    3 pounds of either Lamb, Beef, or pork  traditionally lamb is used in this recipe

    2 med to large onions sliced

    1 bell pepper

    1 large can of tomatoes

    Peanut oil or EVOO

    Meat should be in pieces that 2 to 3 inches square.

    Slice onions and green bell pepper in half and then into 1/2 slices

    Drudge/roll the meat in the spices and brown.  Remove meat from pan and reserve.  Saute onions and pepper until onions are slight caramelized and translucent.   Return meat to the fry pan stir in with onions and peppers.  Pour in large can of crushed tomatoes and simmer for 30 minutes.  Pour into baking dish and put in the smoker at 270 degrees and smoke for 5 hours.
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  7. That looks really good. Might have to give this one a try. Thanks for sharing it and now I won't have to hunt for the spice blend!!!!
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    It looks interesting thanks for sharing
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    Now that sure does looks and sound like a good recipe thanks.
  10. smokin vegas

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    This spice blend does pack some heat.  It has red chilli peppers in it which I like.  So if you like hot and spicy you will love it.   It would actually be very good as seasoning by itself as rub for.   Middle Eastern recipes use some of the same spices and herbs as used in Hispanic cooking. Then they thrown in some other herbs and spices and you have a whole different flavor.  I have learned a lot while researching spice and herb blends.  This research all started when we found out that hubby is diabetic.   What I found most interesting about many Middle Eastern recipes is they do not drudge/roll the meat in flour but in the spices.  Hubby is diabetic so these fit right into our dietary needs.  We have to watch the carb in take.  
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    I was unaware of this...I will have to give their seasonings a try...Thanks for the information JJ
  12. Thanks for the recipe it is going in my recipe folder!!!!

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