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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by wellsy, Jun 1, 2016.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm 35, from Calgary Alberta, and enjoy hunting, fishing and cooking.  A brief tour of the site has shown that there is a wealth of information here.    

    I received a Char Griller Pro from my neighbour last summer when he had to move to Houston for work but it has sat untouched in my backyard for several months.  l realized I should learn how to use this thing which led me to this site and various youtube videos on how to improve the Char Griller. I have sealed around the firebox with high temp silicone, added baffles and a bag of lava rocks in the smoke box, dual thermometers and extended the exhaust pipe.







    My first smoke was back ribs.  I did't have a lot of time to cook them so I boiled them first for 30 minutes then put them on the smoker at 225 for 45 mins.  They turned out pretty well.  The flavour was good but the meatier parts were not very tender and needed more time.



    I'm looking forward to learning about curing and smoking meats and other food and developing some serious smoking skills!


  2. Oh no you didn't just say that out loud did you?  People here will foil their ribs, some might broil their ribs, but we never boil our ribs.  You can find the Boiled Meat Forum on the dark web, if you wish to remain here please place your left hand over the Smoking Meat Forums logo, and your right hand over your heart.  Then say out loud I, wellsy, shall never boil my ribs again.  Good now we can continue, welcome to the site wellsy a lot of great people here to help you.  I hope by now you know I was just joking, except about the boiling ribs part. Boiling any meat is a great way to make soup stock, but a bad way to make flavourfull meat.

    I will confess that at one time I was a serial rib boiler, until I discovered the art of low&slow barbecue cooking.  Back rib require four hours of quality time in the smoker at 225*.  The other reason to never boil ribs, is that the meat takes on smoke at the beginning of the cooking process, boiling defeats that.  For a good step by step way to do ribs, type perfect ribs into the search bar.  Good luck with your bear meat, I've never cooked one myself, please just don't boil it, and just to be clear I was just having a little fun, no offense meant by it.  Keep on smokin'.
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    Thanks for setting me straight.  I was in a hurry to try out my newly moded smoker so I took desperate measures.  It will not happen again.

    Unfortunately the bear ham did not take all the cure. I have a thread about it in in the curing section, but I might repost in another forums as it's not getting many views or responses.  I'm happy with the way the cook and smoke went though and I learned a lot.  My next try is Canadian bacon with two sections of boneless loin in a maple sage brine.  I'm looking forward to better results.
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    I'd be lying if I said I never boiled some ribs also...

    That being said, Welcome to SMF, your rib boiling days are over!!
  5. Good luck with your bacon let us know how it turns out.

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