Needs some help: bacon wrapped string cheese, anyone ever do this?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by chorizodahitman, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. Yesterday saw bacon wrapped string cheese that was deep fried. Forget that, real men smoke food right. So my question to the board, has anyone done this before and how did you do it? Right now I just put the cheese in the freezer. Thanks to all in advance!
  2. smokinal

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    God that sounds good!

    I don't know how you would pull it off in a smoker without all the cheese melting out.

    BUT if you figure it out I for one would like to know how you did it!!!

  3. hillbilly jim

    hillbilly jim Meat Mopper

    Hot smoke the bacon and cold smoke the cheese. When the bacon cools, wrap it around the cheese sticks and pin it with a tooth pick.
  4. Unfortunately I do not have a cold smoker, but that is a good idea.
  5. tropics

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    You did not mention what type of smoker you have,the more info you give these good folks the better.

    You could try prefrying one side of the Bacon then wraping around the frozen cheese,cooked side in.

    Hope this helps post some pics when you do it

  6. Sorry, I have a Traeger Texas Elite pellet smoker. I'm freezing the cheese right now. Was thinking 250-275. Might smoke the bacon at 225 for 15-30 minutes, watching it so that it starts cooking through. Then I will pull the bacon, wrap it over the bacon, then put it back on. Hopefully it works!
  7. hillbilly jim

    hillbilly jim Meat Mopper

    Do you have an AMNPS and some pellets?
  8. chef jimmyj

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    I have not tried this but...Unfortunately, Crisp Bacon is likely out of the question. Even the fried ones look well cooked but not that Crispy Breakfast Bacon so many want. In the Smoker you would need some serious heat. A 375 fryer does the job because the oil and all that energy is in contact with the Bacon. Even very hot air is not that efficient at heat transfer. If your smoker will get to 500°F you may be successful. As some have pointed out, partially cooking the Bacon will help and I would only expect the outer layer of Bacon to be Brown at best. I would think frozen Breaded Mozz Sticks would be a better choice Smoked. At 350°F, I am thinking, the breading would crisp from the Bacon Fat and hold the Cheese in long enough for the Bacon to cook longer...JJ
  9. Nope. When I bought the Traeger I decided not to get a box.

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