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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by pineknot18, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. Okay guys I'm new to the site but I got a 250 gallon propane tank that I want to use as a smoker. My question what is the safest way to cut into it?? I have taken all the fittings out and filling it up with water but wanted to know what's next??

    Thanks Pineknot
  2. Flush it a couple of times with soapy water. Then fill it with soapy water. See if one of the holes where the fittings will lite. If so let it bun it's self out. If not start cutting at the top. If still no flare up drain a little water and keep cutting. At that point you should be able to drain and go to cutting at will.

    Remember to posr pics of your build

    Happy smoken.

  3. Thanks David I got another question would you recommend drilling a hole at the bottom where the FB will be to drain the water? I thought about drilling a hole while the tank was full of water so there would be no chance of sparks then plugging the hole refilling with soapy water draining and repeating that step. I work for the gas department here in new albany so I have access to a cgi which would tell me if it was explosive. I have a strong welding back ground, I have welded on live gas lines, but this makes me bad nervous
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     When it comes to cutting on a propane tank, I'm just as concerned, but the way themule69 is describing it sounds like the way to go……. Good luck and post plenty of pictures.....ShoneyBoy
  5. Remember, when in doubt, find a neighbor to make the first cut for you.... 

    Safety First!!!!

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