Need to know the answer pretty quick.

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  1. When people talk about taking the meat from the smoker, wrapping it and puttijng it in the cooler. Do they mean they're putting it in the fridger to cool down quickly - or putting it in acooler (insulated container) to stay warm and cool down very slowly ?

    I really need to know this now lol
    Talk about not thinking ahead.
  2. daboys

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    It's to keep it warm and let the juices redistribute in the meat.
  3. brilliant - cos that's what I did lol
    Then i started thinking - what if.....
    cheers for answer - and the two I pm'd as well - can anyone say panic ?
  4. fishawn

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    Stuff towels or newspaper in the open areas. Also whatever you are putting in the cooler (insulated container) WILL STAY HOT for quite a while.
  5. walking dude

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    double wrap in foil, then wrap in blankets, and then into a ice chest/picnic cooler, whatever. Its difficult to know what to call em, since our slang is so diff. than what is used in England.

    At the gathering, we keep the meat HOT for bout 7 hours doing it this way. When we pulled the meat out of the coolers, it was STILL to hot to handle comfortably
  6. ddave

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    When I lived in New Zealand, they called them "chilly bins". I thought they were saying "chili beans". Talk about being confused for awhile.[​IMG]

  7. No they are called coolers over here. But given the huge amount of language I have to change to be understood on this forum (seriously It's like typing in a totally different language sometimes, lol) I was just double checking :)

    Had a quick look at the joint a short while ago and a poke (been in the fridge overnight) looks tender. Soon as there's room in the kitchen I'll go slice a bit and see what it tastes like. qview over on the original thread :)

    And I got to tell you guys and gals (running translation: see here chaps & chapessess) It sure is amazing to have a real time support team.
    Love this forum and the people on it. (translation: jolly good show folks)

    Cheers :)
  8. jond

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    Also known as a cool bag\cool box in the UK.

    This place is amazing :)

  9. 1894

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    Headline :
  10. supervman

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    (running translation: see here chaps & chapessess)

    Aardvark - don't you think it should be chapettes? :)

    You shoulda been at the tea party! :)

    Glad you're here dude. I think you English folk from the board need to have a smoke party over there.
  11. motorhedd

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    friend of mine's "mum" is from London...calls me "bloody common".whats thet translate to?[​IMG]
  12. motorhedd

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    Oh yeah...a :cheeky sot" this an insult or a compliment?[​IMG]
  13. mgwerks

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    Sounds like she's calling you "cheap white trash". Of course, idiomatically, that could be endearing. I love British humor but I can't often figure it out.
  14. supervman

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    Bloody = british f word
    cheeky sot = rascally drunkard

    Pretty sure I'm right there.
    I LOVE Monty Python.

    No insults from me MH. :)

    Just call her a Tart! :)
  15. morkdach

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    hey aardvark where is derbyshire from lehland spent some time there while back or it may be leyland not to far from manchester
  16. gnubee

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    Yesterday I wrapped my first pork butt ever in heavy foil then two towells and into the cooler. Two hours later it was still to hot to handle comfortably. Is it all right to keep the meat wrapped for several hours before serving? Will it get more tender the longer you keep it wrapped or is there some point at which it will toughen up again? I know that you shouldn't let it get below 140f or the germs will start up again. Mine was 200f when I wrapped it and 195f when I unwrapped it 2 hours later.

    PS. Its called a cooler In Canada. because its used mostly for ice cold beer.
  17. crusty ol salt

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    I know it is like cussing on here, but my butts go from the smoker into a baking pan, wrapped in a towel, and then into that electrical device my wife uses for baking... you know that thing in the kitchen... I cant even bring myself to say it... I am so shamed[​IMG]
  18. grothe

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  19. jond

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    Bloody is no where near as offensive as the F word, in fact not very offensive at all.

    Cheeky Sod, a hard one to explain but used in retort to a comment but not normally offensive. Probably a bit like Smart ***.


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