Need to find wood online or in san diego

Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by meltyface, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. I just bought a new smoker but all I can find is chunk wood. I'm used to smoking with split wood, does anyone know of a good a place in san diego or online to get some.....or tips for using chunks with a side fire box
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    I use KBB and sometimes a bit of lump for my heat source because I think the heat is more steady. Then my chunks or splits are for smoke only.

    Hope this helps you.....

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  4. Awsome, thanks....trying my hand at the wood chunks and I burn through those so hot for a smoked beer can chicken....I need some damn split wood....I need miss Texas lol
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    Meltyface , why pay exorbitant prices for shipping wood , go for a ride in the country and you will find what you need . Lots of folk just pile up old tree wood and let it rot , not wanting to pay for removal . . .

    You'll find some interesting things you didn't realize was around and collect some fuel. Red Oak is predominant there and a great wood .

    Have fun , go for a Drive - about . . .
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  7. Check out these guys... they're in Anaheim, CA:

    I'd suggest driving up with a pickup/small trailer and filling it with a selection of splits - pecan, apple, citrus, mesquite. They have 12-14" long x 3" wide split sizes that they label for pizza ovens, but it is perfect for those of us with decent sized offset fireboxes.
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