Need some help - about a temperature gauges

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  1. I need a new stuff for my Eggs. I don´t like the original gauges from a egg, because its not watertight. The temp. gauges should go up to 750 F.

    Maybe some user here know more about that and can me tell a store where can i find something like this.

    Thank you.

  2. Hey John, just curious, why does the replacement thermo have to max out at 750*?  That seems extremely high for an egg or any other smoker/ Weber grill came with a fairly accurate analog thermo in the lid and it max's out at 600... and I've never gotten close to pegging it.

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    When I do steaks on my BGE  I run the temp up to 700.

  4. When I do steaks on my Weber.. I never use the lid (I think I get a better crunch on the outside that way - like em semi burnt on the outside and red in the middle).... that might be why I've never pegged that thermo.  I only use lump for steaks and I know it burns extremely I know just how hot.... thanks for the info Craig.

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    Amazon would be your best bet.
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  7. Thanks for helping. I need the high temp. gauges for Steak or Pizza like this. The most from my gauges are overexcited and after show my a wrong temperature.

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