Need some advice on a smoker build

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  1. I got this Foster blast chiller it is stainless steel inside and out I was worried about the insolation inside so I phoned the company they told me the insolation is ridged board polyurothain and if no open flame was touching it I should be good for temps. To 300 to 350 F. There is no insolation showing on the inside it is all sandwiched between the stainless do I need to worry about it leaching or should I be able to go ahead with this build? Any help would be great.
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  2. Hello.  You have a dilemma there.  I have included a thread on a fridge build below.  What do you plan to do with the fridge after completion?  Are you SURE you will NEVER want to use it above those temps?  I smoke brisket in the 325-350 range.  That's at the maximum range given by the manufacturer.  If my temp spikes to 375 I don't panic but you would then be above the "safe" temp of the insulation.  If it were mine I'd replace the insulation.  I would chose to do the build once rather than cut the finished smoker apart later to make changes.  Others may have other advice but that is my opinion.  Keep us posted.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

  3. Thanks but I have decided not to use this unit the insolation is not going to be good for what I need and I do not have the time to rip it apart I will keep looking for something that will work for me thanks again for the advice.

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