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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by huntnfish79, Feb 9, 2016.

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    My MES 30 has developed a "short", I touch anything metal and I get zapped, so obviously it needs to be replaced. I called master built and they offered a pretty good deal on a new electric since it's way out of warranty, the discount is about $100 lower than the cheapest price I can find anywhere. Before I take that plunge, my brinkmann charcoal grill has also seen better days, both charcoal trays are rusted out and need attention.

    So I am up for upgrading both, maybe getting one unit that can do both? I would like to stay with a good charcoal grill, But, I like the  idea of pellet grills too, however, don't like the idea of all pellets all the time.

    Are there pellet grill manufacturers that sell a dual purpose unit with a charcoal tray option? Or an after market charcoal tray for pellet grills? Let me know if there is something out there I should be looking at?
  2. seenred

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    Hello huntnfish79.  

    First off, looks like its your first post here...welcome to Smoking Meat Fourms!  If you get the chance, stop over in the Roll Call Forum and introduce yourself...its a good place to get started here and to let other members get to know you a little.

    As for your question, I don't know of any pellet grill manufacturers that offer a charcoal capability.  I'm not really sure what that would look like.  I own a pellet cooker, and like it very much.  I use it both for low-and-slow smoking and for grilling and searing.  It probably doesn't sear quite as well as a charcoal grill, but it does well enough that I gave away my gas grill a long time ago.

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    Welcome. I will echo SeenRed. I have owned charcoal (Weber kettle), multiple gas, stick burners, electric, and now a Yoder pellet pooper. I have gotten rid of all others now. I love my pellet pooper.

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    I had the same problem with mine the element has shorted out and I got the same story. I'll bet you that the ones in the stores today have the same elements I took mine apart to fix and that's what they said out of date model and like I said I looked at the ones in the store and I'll bet they are the same element in them. I did not buy a new one from them it was just the principle of the thing.
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    thanks for the replies. this is a tough decision, always been a charcoal guy and will be hard not having one if I go pellets. Tell me more about the pellet they warm up faster? how much pellet use for 4-5 hour rib smoke?
  6. seenred

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    I've read of some guys having trouble getting their pellet grills up to higher temperatures...but that's never been a problem in my Rec Tec.  Ambient conditions like cold and wind can affect this a little, but on average, I can get my grill from stone cold to 500* in about 15 minutes.

    Pellet consumption also varies with ambient conditions, but my grill burns, on average, about 1 lb. of pellets per hour during longer smokes.  For short, high-temp grilling, its more than that...but most high-temp cooks don't take very long, so pellet consumption is small for grilling too.

    One consideration regarding pellet cooking is smoke production.  There are some folks who are switching from stick burners or charcoal rigs who aren't happy with the more subtle smoke flavor produced by pellet cookers.  There are ways to address this (supplemental smoke generating devices), but I recommend trying to find someone who cooks on a pellet grill and ask them if you can try the food it cooks before you pull the trigger on a purchase yourself.  You can also do some reading through the pellet smoker threads...maybe watch some youtube videos on them...those things helped me when I was shopping for a pellet grill.

    Hope it helps...ask away if you have more questions.  [​IMG]

  7. mowin

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    X2.. the smoke profile is more subtle on pellet munchers. I use a smoke tube from amazinsmokers.
    Also, the lower the set temp, the more smoke a pellet grill produce. I start my cooks out at 150*(lowest my gmg goes) for the first hr
    or so to get more smoke.

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