Need hunters input for a contest/open smoke

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by bbqpitstop, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. bbqpitstop

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    After I get this restaurant moving I'd like to have a "roadkill rally" or an "open smoke" for the local hunters in the area.

    I'm thinking that we could either have a contest whereby the hunters judge each others dishes or I could line up my smokers and allow them to smoke any cuts of game they'd like smoked for the freezer.

    I've asked some local people but I trust I'll get more details here, as to how to organize this.

    As for the date: Best right after hunting season ends? Best in the spring for already frozen cuts? Would it be best to smoke the meats prior to freezing? Will I get better attendance if I wait til everyone has their game cut up and frozen and just smoke for a one dish contest?

    As for an open much room can I expect a whole deer to take up in my smoker once it's all cut up? As a hunter, would you prefer the smoker to yourself for a day rather than participate with others needing room for their cuts in the smoker?

    I'd like input on anything for this "event". I've read about a lot of these on the internet and they all seem to be run differently. Just thought it would be fun and allow some fellowship among game hunters as well as promoting smoking of the meat. Being that I am unfamiliar with hunting and processing of game, I'd rather not have any surprises and be able to get a successful event the first time around.

    I thought 25 dollars per person and all the draft you can drink should get them here. What do you think? Prize suggestions appreciated as well. One thing I always hated about barbecue competitions is the winner usually gets a nice new grill or a smoking competitor doesn't have enough of those laying around. I'd rather have the cash, meat, or some new fancy thermometer or something, ya know what I mean?
  2. richtee

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    Most game is recommended to be frozen to 0* before consumption. This kills several parsites and bacteria sometimes present in the meat. Check online for numerous guidelines, many from colleges.

    A whole deer...depends on size. I'm not well versed in this, but with different rubs and such being used, I'll wager the contestant would want to have exclusive use of the smoker. Others here are expert in the quantity arena.

    LOL..I'll smoke for beer... cash is my choice as a prize..or maybe a meal card for your place? :{)
  3. mossymo

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    Total average of deboned meat for us off a deer is about 45 lbs. That is averaging everything we take, large bucks, small bucks, large doe, small doe or sometimes even a mature fawn (Hey, it didn't have it's spots anymore and the backstaps are so tender !!!) This average includes roasts, backstraps, steaks, sausage making scraps, etc. If I recall correctly 23 pounds is the least we have gotten off of a very small deer (OK, mature fawn !!!).
  4. rip

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    I would think if you have it in the spring you will have a better turn out, as most will still have meat in the freezer from hunting season. Try to have a smoker for every one if you can, and yes money is always a gooooooood prize. Wish some one would do something like that here.

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