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  1. I have a question idk where to post so after this can you point me in the right direction please and thanks. So I got this new oklahoma joes and when I'm smoking can't keep my temp consistent temp I use wood chunks put when i put them in which it only takes like 4 or 5 pieces and it go's to 300 plus I've played with the air flow and the chimney but yet I still couldn't get my chicken temperature passed 140 internal temp. And it's sealed up and when I need more wood should I add more or have it ready to go like in a chimney starter.thanks again
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    Seal the smoker so it is air tight....  then the heat can be regulated with the Firebox air inlet.....   Build a HUGE fire...  3-5 times bigger than you need so it CAN be regulated...    If you need a 30,000 BTU fire to cook chicken and that's what you build, it will cool down and then you add wood.....   If you build a 150,000 BTU fire, you can choke it down by cutting off the air flow...  with the proper air flow adjustment, it will simmer along, slowly consuming the additional wood....  until the wood is gone....   Cooking with wood is a steep learning curve...   Have patience...

    An AIRTIGHT smoker is the most important thing you can do....   then air inlets...... 
  3. I have an Oklahoma Joe Highland and had the temperature issues also, I did a search and found some modifications for it. I bought the parts for the mods and it has made a huge difference, I can now control temps a lot better and also use ALOT less wood and charcoal.
  4. Okay so I need to go with my gut feeling about more wood instead of trust ingredients the temperature gauge
  5. Instead I mean
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    Seal up the smoker FIRST so there are no air leaks.....   You should only have to load wood every hour or so if it's burning correctly....  You want to load up the Firebox so you are cooking with coals... not chunks on fire...   You can't regulate the temp with burning chunks..

  7. All I have left to seal is the lids can you tell what I can use . everything else is sealed tight.
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    How about pictures of your smoker....  

    So you are saying, when you have a fire going in the firebox, and you close off the air intakes, the fire goes out....   That's sealed air tight.....
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