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Discussion in 'Beef' started by ki11eerbee, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. ki11eerbee

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    Hey guys first time on this forum and first time smoking.  I just got a new masterbuilt 40" electric smoker, with the window and digital themometer and I purchased a 12 pound brisket to smoke.  Unluckily it was too big for the smoker and I had to cut it in 1/2 to fit in.  So no it is 2 6 pound briskets.  The smoker has 4 racks, from what I have read the brisket should be cooked around 90 minutes per pound, but since it is now 2 6 pounders does this change the cooking time?? I am confused

  2. nwdave

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    Wow, nothing like jumping into the pond with both feet.  You really should wander over to Roll Call and introduce yourself so everyone gets a chance to welcome you aboard.

    If you are really brand new to smoking, you should enroll in Jeff's 5 day course in smoking.  The price is right, free.  It's an excellent starting point.

    You first need to break in your smoker, learn it's characteristics and quirks.  There are many threads that specifically address your smoker, which are a good starting point. 

    As to the brisket, there are also many threads in the beef forum that discuss the in's and outs. 

    SMF also has an excellent search program that will help you gain access to the knowledge you seek. And don't overlook the WIKI's. 

    There is no quick and simple answer to your question about smoking a brisket.  What kind of rub do you like?  Hot and Spicy or mild and civilized?  Do you have a decent thermometer, separate from the one that came mounted on the MES?  We work less with time and more by temperature as a rule.  Time is just a quesstimate of maybe how long it might take.  Temperature rules the roost here.

    Oh, and don't forget to tell us where you call home.  It helps us tailor the information to further fit your needs.  A state name at a minimum, or even a general region.

    Others will be along soon to help direct you onto the path you seek.

  3. shooter1

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    Well I would have suggested something more forgiving for your first smoke like a pork butt or some ribs, but you already have the brisket, so Good Luck! I know that a lot of people have mixed success with this cut of meat so I would definitely use the search function and read all you can. A 12lb. brisket is an awful lot of meat to throw away if it doesn't come out to your liking. Of course if you have dogs I'm sure they won't mind helping you practice.

    Let us know how it comes out and share some pics as well. [​IMG]
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  4. bearcarver

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    Too Big For an MES 40 ?!?!?!     Wow!

    Biting off a bit much for a first timer!

    Time?   We cook to internal temps here. Do you have a good remote thermometer?

    Smoker temp gages are nearly always wrong.  Do you have an accurate additional thermometer?

    There is so much to learn, before you do a Brisket.

    If you all ready to start, and you don't have remote thermometers, cover it with Worcestershire, or mustard, or olive oil, then cover it with a rub, set it for 230˚, and put the pieces in as high as you can get them in the smoker.

    Then check the temp no sooner than 4 hours. Then check it every hour or two until you get both pieces over 160˚internal.

    Then wrap them in foil, add a little beer or apple juice, and put it back in. Check again in two more hours. Keep it in until the internal hits 195K to 200˚ for slicing.

    This is abbreviated, because there is just too much to tell someone who has never smoked anything, and starts with a Brisket.

  5. chef willie

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    Welcome to the SMF....I would suggest quickly reading many posts on briskets & the Mes off the search tool above for ideas and info. I don't have a MES but many here do and although an excellent smoker there is a learning curve to using it as I understand. Don't be in a hurry, don't freak out at a stall, go 'low & slow' and let the good times roll. Let us know how it comes with with pics as well......good luck
  6. boykjo

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    You may want to freeze the brisket for a later date and break in your smoker with some butts.................. just a thought

    Good luck and dont forget the qveiw
  7. HAHAHAHAAAAA!!! I too started with a brisket! You are in for a fun smoke my friend! Not to mention long!!!!! Welcome to SMF!
  8. check out bears link to his brisket.....some good info in there!
  9. smokinal

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    Boy you jumped in with both feet didn't you. Type brisket in the search bar & you will get a bunch of threads on smoking brisket. It's one of the hardest cuts of meat to smoke, so if you can eat your first one it's success. Basically what your going to find is smoke to 165 degrees internal meat temp., wrap in foil with some liquid and put back on smoker or in the oven until IT is 205. Then wrap the foiled brisket in towels & put it in a dry cooler for a couple of hours, then slice. Save the liquid from the foil to use as au jus. Good luck & don't forget the Q-view.
  10. butch cassidy

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    PATIENCE is the key. You can do a Brisket !!  Jump in and take it slow, get your rub on, get your temp set, put your choice of wood in and do not get inpatient !! and do not try to micro cook other words don't keep opening door to check it. as others have said low tenp check after 4 hrs,and then every 1 to 2 hrs until the right temp and go from there. IT CANNOT BE THAT DIFFULCULT    "AL can do it" LOL  Good Luck, pics please
  11. bearcarver

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    Al, you going to put up with that? [​IMG]
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    Glad I didn't say that. Al would beat me with that catfish he's holding!    [​IMG]

    Thought I was the only one who caught that.

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    Think Als missing those jabs at his He missed the cracks yesterday about the early bird specials etc in Fl. as well. Think he's working on a new thread smoke so must be preoccupied
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    Could be because he's an older gentleman, and is just ignoring all of us kids playing around?   [​IMG]

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    Man this must be pick on Al day. Don't you guys know your supposed to respect your elders!
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    I knew I could wake you with that "Older Gentleman" line!

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    .... it wasn't the fact you called him old.... it was the fact you insinuated he was a gentleman! [​IMG]

    Ki11eebee - welcome to the forum. As of now I a sure you are wondering what the heck you got yoursel into, and I agree with the others in saying freeze the brisket if it isn't to late and do something like chicken first to see how your smoker runs. But if the brisket is already rubbed and ready to go then the main thing is go low and slow - brisket can turn out great if you don't rush it! Get your smoker running at a steady 210-220° and producing thin blue smoke - billowy white smoke is bad and ruins the meat, put the brisket in, leave it alone for 4 hrs., put a probe thermometer in after 4 hrs. When the internal temp. hits 165'ish, wrap it in foil with a splash of liquid (beer, apple juice, beef broth, ect.), then put it back in the smoker and leave it alone untill the internal temp gets to 205°. Pull the foiled brisket out of the smoker drain the juices into a container (save them!), re-wrap the brisket in foil, and put it in a dry, towel lined, ice chest and let it rest for 1 hr. Drizzle the saved juices over it right before you serve it.

    This whole process may take up to 16+ hrs. depending on the brisket. Each piece of meat is differant, and you will hit what is called a stall - this is a period when the briskets internal temperature quits going up for anywhere from 2-6 hrs. on average. Don't panic! The stall is when the heat is breaking down the tough fibers and making the brisket tender. Like others said - don't keep opening the door unless you need to add wood or something, every time you open  the door you add about 10 minutes to the total cook time.

    If the brisket comes out like tastey shoe leather you can save it with a crockpot. Take your cooked briskit and put it in a crockpot with some beef broth and set it to low for 4-6 hrs., it will get nice and tender. [​IMG]
  20. butch cassidy

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    I am probably close to AL in age, If he could not take a little heat, he would not be a smoker. I bet he dishes it oit also.I can dish and I can take. But the main intent is to encourage the new smokers. Keep telling someone how difficult it is and they will never learn ( because they are scared to fail) I will bet a ten spot that it was not offensive to AL. If he does then( tough) but I have a ten spot.[​IMG]

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