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  1. I recently purchased an AMNS. I was very impressed with it but had one problem. I have the 6x6 unit. I loaded it up with apple dust to smoke some chicken in my cheapo gas grill. When I opened it up about an hour into cooking, the whole thing was burning. All the dust, meaning it wasn't continuing on it's nice path. Now, I was cooking around 250 degrees. I know the paper that came with it said for temps over 180 to keep the middle row empty of dust. But my question is this: if I leave the middle row empty, want it just die out when it gets to the middle? Or do I need to light it at both ends? Or just re-light the other side after the first side burns out? Thanks for any help.

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  3. Thanks for that. I really dropped the ball. Sorry!
  4. I had a similar problem the first time I used my 6x8 AMNS. I found that placing the AMNS inside a metal pan provided a sufficient heat shield so that the dust did not burn up too quickly. I also keep the middle row empty and then light one end on each leg. I find that two burning ends provides just the right amount of TBS in my MES 40. I am not sure how 2 lit ends would be in your much smaller gas grill compartment. I guess you can always light just one leg and then light the other leg (if needed) when the first leg burns out. The latter method would still be a lot better than using chips, in my opinion.
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    Fire is attracted to fire, so you have to 'Shield" the AMNS from the flames and direct heat.  Use a disposable foil pan or a round pie tin, and don't place it directly above the burner.

    Your grill may show 250°, but the heat off your burners could be much higher.

    When in doubt, you can always email, pm or call me.

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    put it away from a heat source the best you can.Make a foil shield and you'll be fine! Like craig said do a search,there's tons of info out there.
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    Lookin like Todd gave you some great advice- this is his product. Just shield it from direct heat and you are golden
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    Straight from the master!

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