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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by tshultz, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. tshultz

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    i just purchased a char broil offset,,i knw not the greatest smoker but i am a fabricator/welder and was wanting some input.. here is my plan..

    delete the "cheesy" firebox and seal hole into main chamber

    build a new "heavier" firebox and putting underneath the main chamber with a 4" stack coming from firebox into main chamber.

    my chimney stack is on right hand side of could i run a plate the length of chamber blocking off the right side where stack is currently and leaving a 3" to 4" opening on left side.. my thinking is blocking off underneath the stack and having plate run the length of chamber and leaving the 3 to 4 in. gap would allow the smoke to travel up and across meat w even heat dissipation.

     ive done a lil searching on here and couldnt find anything..please wanting to do this on fri evening and sat until finished
  2. tshultz

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    Or... should i not block off right side and jus leave 3 to 4 inch gap on each side..wld smoke and heat dissipate evenly or would the "draw' from the chimney on left pull all my smoke towards the chimney?  wouldnt blocking off right side work as a sort of reverse flow?  not really caring if i hav reverse flow or not.. jus wanna make sure my idea is gonna work? 1 way or the other
  3. pineywoods

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    Personally I'd use it pretty much the way it is while I stockpiled the stuff to build a nice smoker. Building a nice heavy firebox doesn't make a lot of sense to me the main unit will rust out long before your firebox does. Build an ash pan and maybe some tuning plates and start planning that nice smoker build
  4. tshultz

    tshultz Newbie

    excellent point.. is my way of thinkin correct though w the even dissipation of smoke and heat?
  5. pineywoods

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    I would leave the stack on the side it's on and build some tuning plates to try to get the heat even from end to end. If your going for a reverse flow then the stack would be on the same end as the firebox and the plate would go almost to the other end but there would be a gap to allow the smoke to rise flow over the meat then out the stack. You could add a reverse flow plate but again the plate would more than likely out last the smoker. If you went through all the work to build a new fire box and a reverse flow plate and a new stack than just go ahead and find a heavy tank and be done with it since you will have done most of the work anyhow
  6. I also am a welder/fabricator and finally built my smoker a few months back. Mine is not a reverse flow, My stack is on the left and fire box on the right. I don't use any tuner plates or dampers. Just the cover on the stack and the vent on the fire box. It maintains 250* without much babysitting. I add 15-20 coals every hour-ish, along with a handful of soaked wood chips. If you check my profile, I have a description of my smoker with the picture of it. It really is an easy build if you have/can get the materials. Look forward to seeing more posts from you in the "Builds" forum.
  7. tshultz

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    Thanks for the input and help.. the place i work at is very busy right now and aint much room or time to this char broil new in box for 50 bucks couldnt turn it down..jus a lil side project to get me a lil familar w an offset as i hav a vertical tht i use all the time.. i am workin on blueprints for a trailer model.. i hav acess to shears,press brake,rollers,laser,water jet and tons of scrap..u name it we can build anything at our fabrication gonna build 1 from complete raw material w the exception of the trailer.. so this is just a project to build a semi quality smoker out of a "cheapo" if u will for on my deck.  i appreciate all your input and quick response..  again thank you!
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  9. tshultz

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    definately helps...thank you
  10. oldschoolbbq

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    [​IMG]  to the SMF. I see you are a welder , look around for scrap as mentioned , and build a good Smoker. Mod the one you have and use it till you get the real thing done. There are enough charts and calculations in our WIKI or ask some of our builders for a heads-up on how to  do an offset Smoker.

    Being a welder , you can find good stuff everywhere, I did when I was welding on the Railroad years ago.

    We , here at SMF want to share our expertise, so don't be afraid to ask, NO stupid questions on this Forum , just friendly fun loving Smoke Addicts[​IMG].

    Good luck on your build and ...

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