Need Help where to mount temp gages on old country pecos

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by 1ray, Sep 25, 2014.

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    I have a old country pecos  and I bought two 2in temp gages and everyone says to mount them a grate level. My question is how far above grate level and should they be centered between the handle and the and the end of the door. Also should I lower the 3in temp gage that is already in the middle of the door now?

  2. I am guessing your pit to be about 48" long. The single gauge is probably all you need. But since you already have them. I would go about 10" from the ends at grate level or a inch above. I would leave the factory gauge where it is. 

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    I agree with the THEMULE69. Even though the factory installed gauge is in the wrong place -- you don't care what the temperature is at the top of the cook chamber, you want to know what it is at grate/meat level - I'd leave it where it is. Additionally, bi-metal gauges (1800"s technology) are very inaccurate. They can be off by 50*. Invest in some type of digital unit -- like Maverick. They're expensive but so is ruining a expensive piece of meat.

    I had an extra Tel Tru from a unit I sold and I installed it on the chimney. Don't ask why -- I don't know it just looks trick and is a conversation piece for non smoking friends. At the time I was drilling a hole for my temp probes and the chimney seemed like a good spot. It was an expensive thermometer and I didn't want to store it. 

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