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  1. Well I guys I came across this website 2 days ago and found it very useful and I know there are people on here who can help my wife and I out. We live in Northeast Ga. and have recently bought a smoker trailer to start smoking and selling bbq at local fall festivals this fall. As we began to research after we bought it and talked to our health department we realized that there are obstacles in our way that is frustrating such as adding a 3 compartment sink to the trailer for washings hands with hot water and the other compartments for cleanign utensils. Is it possible to make this smoker trailer legal by the health department and what all are we needing to do this?


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    Yes, it's usually very easy to satisfy health department sanitation regulations with 3 clean buckets and a source of hot water, such as a large commercial coffee urn hooked to a portable generator if no on-site electricity is available, or even a big pot on top of the firebox if it's flat or you could weld a flat plate to it.  You can then wash, rinse and sanitize your utensils as you wish, set up on a portable folding table.  Use a tent to protect from bird droppings on your food, wear gloves, etc.

    Drop on over to Roll Call and introduce yourselves if you would, don't forget to post some Qview of your rig (pictures - just hit the little square above that says "Insert Image" above, 4 icons to the left of the smiley face) and let us know all about you and your business and show us some examples of your Q so we can drool!
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