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  1. Hey all, I currently have a MES 30" 1st gen. I like it and it's easy to use but i'm looking to step my game up. I will keep the MES for days when I want an easy smoke, but I want another option to fire up some charcoal.

    So far, I'm considering the WSM, Primo XL, or Big Green Egg. I know how everyone feels about WSM, but is it worth the money for the Primo XL? Those are pretty well made. My dad has one but has never smoked with it, only grilled. Hoping to find someone who has smoked with a primo or egg, do they maintain temp well like the WSM?
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    My Son has a BGE, and he loves it !!! Holds heat much better than thin metal smokers.

  3. I have a WSM, my brother has a BGE, a buddy has a Primo, and my son has a UDS. They all have pros and cons. You can't go wrong with any of them IMHO. Naturally, I am bias to the WSM.
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