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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by kwarw, Sep 6, 2011.

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    Hi I have been reading quite a bit on how to make bacon. However the more I learn the more confused I become. I have learned about the brine/rub thing. I had planned on brine but I am seeing that most are doing the rub. I am seeing some folks saying don't get over 100 and others saying 150 internal. I work hard to get a setup that will maintain 100 and purchased a smoke generator. I would have trouble maintaining 150+ steady.I am doing bellys not BBB. My questions are:

    1 What temp do I need to shoot for?

    2 Where do I buy the brine mix, what brand etc?

    3 How long do I smoke it and at what temp?

     I will doing small batches as I doubt I will hit the nail on the head my first time. I just need a good starting point. I have both Hickory and Apple.

     I appreciate any advice. Thanks in advice.
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    I know some people say 150 but I very much disagree with them if doing bellies temps that high will render fat. Keep the smoker at 100 or less and lower if you can.

    You will need to cure the bacon and you will need either Instacure #1 or Tender Quick I'm partial to the Instacure #1 personally or another thing I quite often use is Hi Mountain Buckboard Bacon Cure yea I use it on bellies too. Some people say the Hi Mountain is too salty but I don't find it to be for my tastes. Some people will also say the Tender Quick is too salty.

    When doing belly bacon you are not looking at "cooking" it while smoking you'll do that before serving. What your looking for is the right amount of smoke and the proper color. Different people will smoke for different lengths of time depending on their personal tastes. If I'm doing skin on bellies I smoke for 12-15 hours and if doing skin off bacon then it's usually 9-11 hours usually I use a mix of hickory and cherry when I do bacon
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    Thanks for your reply. I went to the Morton site. I think I am going to try the sugar/plain one for my first go round. I would not think I would need the smoke flavor. And Thanks Again
  4. smokinal

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    Are you using an AMNS for cold smoking bellies & are you doing it in your GOSM.

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    Al,  Jerry has a smokehouse at the farm. Looks like it will hold at least 150lbs a bacon.
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    My replies in Red:

    On edit:   I think I should mention---When I make Belly Bacon, Internal temp is never my target. Nice Reddish Brown color is my target, and good smoky flavor seems to come along with good color. You don't even need to know what the internal temp is. The only reason I probe my Belly Bacon is because I take copious notes for my step by step instructions.  

    Also, I don't claim to be an expert. I just have done Bacon in many different ways, took a lot of notes, and report what has worked best for me.
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    I should have known it would be something special like that.
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    It would be pretty hard to go wrong using Pops' recipe for brining.  That's how I do all of my bacon and everyone loves it.  I also cold smoke all of mine.

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